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Old “Standard Poodles,” like old shoes, are comfortable. They might be old and out of shape…..but they fit well. – Bonnie Wilcox

Below the ROSE you will find pictures and information on our new available adoptees, as well as our past retirees in their forever homes.

At FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARD POODLES we have a responsible, well-thought-out, well managed and finely tuned breeding program. Most, though not all, of our sires (dads) and dams (moms) are born and raised right here at Arrowhead Acres farm. Placing our adults and special needs, rather it be a puppy or adult for adoption, is something we take very seriously, because we want them to go from us straight to their forever homes and not have to be uprooted again and again in their lifetime. In most cases these adults and special needs adjust very easily from the farm to your couch!

Our ADULTS and SPECIAL NEEDS are kept up to date on all vaccines, groomed on a regular basis and have been on heartworm prevention their entire life. When your adult or special needs STANDARD POODLE from FAMILY AFFAIR is picked up, delivered or shipped he/she will be micro chipped and have been recently groomed. You will receive a shot record, a current rabies certificate and/or tag, negative heart worm test results, registration papers and a starter bag of our food until you can purchase a bag of good kibble of your choice. We will be available to help you and your new companion to adjust so that you both have a long, loving relationship.

All of our ADOPTEES are accustomed to a doggy door for pottying purposes, and a doggy door would help them to adjust to their new home, but is not a requirement. It may require a little time and energy to make sure they understand not to potty in your home. All of our adults are crate trained and our puppies are well on their way. We HIGHLY recommend the use of a crate and, if possible, two different ones. One of the crates should be an appropriate size wire crate with a soft thick bedding to be used in the room you spend most of your time in while you’re awake. You may at times want to cover the crate to give him/her some privacy. The main purpose of the wire crate is to allow your ADOPTEE to feel part of the family and become familiar with the family and activities while still feeling secure. In addition, we recommend the type of plastic crate that is used for shipping on airlines for nighttime, with good padding in it. Preferably this crate will be kept in someone’s bedroom, but can be kept anywhere you intend for them to sleep. This crate is enclosed and gives the dog a warm, draft free, soft, secure den like place to sleep. The majority of our adults do well on a leash. We recommend some type of slip collar, or leash until your adoptee is very familiar with his/her surroundings and does not accidently escape into an unfamiliar world.

Our routine protocol for retiring all of our adult sires and dams is to do so between the ages of six and seven years. When a six to seven year old ADULT ADOPTEE, that has been mutually agreed on, it is taken to our vet just prior to going home with you. A pre-op physical and blood work are done and they are spayed or neutered. The teeth are also cleaned at this time. They are given a heart worm test to take to your vet so that you can purchase heart worm prevention without taking your ADULT ADOPTEE in for a test. If needed, a Rabies vaccine is also given at this time. The cost depends on the amount of dental work, the gender and other medical procedures performed.

Occasionally, for various reasons, we will have a young healthy, well socialized adult (2-5 years old) to retire. The reasons for a younger ADULT ADOPTEE will vary. These are usually young adults that have simply accomplished what we needed in our breeding program and can be retired early. On other occasions we may have a male that has no interest in breeding or a female that is just not happy being a mom. We may have a young adult who is exhibiting traits not in character for the breed, or does not thrive well in a farm/kennel type environment; we retire him/her into a forever home earlier so they can have more time to become a well-adjusted, bonded member of a family. Occasionally there may be a health issue or defect that does not make them a good candidate for a breeding program, but would have little or no effect on them as a family pet. Testing done may not come back with results that we seek in our breeding program but the ADULT ADOPTEE can still live a long and healthy life.

If you are adopting a younger, healthy ADULT ADOPTEE that is being retired early, it will also have the same medical procedures done as the older ADULT ADOPTEES. The fees are higher for these ADULT ADOPTEES because they are younger and you should receive many years of companionship and love from them. They also have some advantages that a young puppy doesn’t. For example, you should not need a routine visit to the vet for a minimum of six months and in most cases, a year. They are already crate and leash trained for the most part. They are beyond the chewing puppy stage. They are more valuable as far as training time and medical expenses than a puppy.

If  you decide to adopt a particular SPECIAL NEEDS ADULT OR PUPPY ADOPTEE we will let you know to the best of our knowledge any health issues, special needs or social characteristics that may be weak points. A SPECIAL NEEDS PUPPY will have all age appropriate vaccines, be de-wormed and freshly groomed. The SPECIAL NEEDS ADULTS will have a pre-op physical and blood work  done and they are spayed or neutered. They also will have all age appropriate vaccines, be de-wormed and freshly groomed.

To adopt a FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARD POODLE ADOPTEE you are first required to fill out the COMPATIBILITY PROFILE FOR ADOPTING AN ADULT OR SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTEE FROM FAMILY AFFAIR. If we feel we have an ADOPTEE that matches you and your life style, and you are in agreement, we then require a $250.00 non-refundable commitment fee for our six to seven year old ADOPTEES. For our younger adults with no health or temperament issues we require a deposit of half the adoption fee as a commitment fee. An ADULT or SPECIAL NEEDS PUPPY deposits and fees will be determined on a case by case basis. When a commitment fee is paid and a decision is made to adopt a particular ADULT or SPECIAL NEEDS STANDARD POODLE, you will be required to fill out and sign our COMMITMENT CONTRACT TO ADOPT AN ADULT OR SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTEE.

If your ADOPTEE requires any Vet procedures as described above, you, as the adoptive parent will pay these fees directly to us on the day of surgery, minus the upfront fees or deposits you have already paid to FAMILY AFFAIR. You will pay with a debit or credit card over the phone.

The female ADULT ADOPTEES will remain at our vet overnight. The males are released late the same afternoon. In most cases you can pick up your ADULT ADOPTEE two weeks after surgery. If the adoptee is being shipped we will wait s2 weeks after surgery, when the stitches are removed, to ship. For a SPECIAL NEEDS PUPPY that does not require any Vet procedures normal pick up or shipping procedures apply. Either at pick up or before your ADOPTEE is shipped any remaining balance due to FAMILY AFFAIR must be paid.

If for any reason your ADOPTEE STANDARD POODLE does not fit into your family, or not what you expected, he/she may be returned to FAMILY AFFAIR at the expense of the adoptive parent/family. When the STANDARD POODLE ADOPTEE is rehomed, the previous adoptive parent will receive a FULL refund less any shipping or traveling expenses. For ADULTS or SPECIAL NEEDS adoptees that have been shipped or delivered, we can often rehome them directly from your home. This is accomplished by placing them back on our website and putting suitable and qualified new owners directly in touch with you. In this case the refund will also go directly to you.

Below you will be able to see and inquire about any adoptees we may currently have available or will have in the near future. You may also read some letters and view some pictures of our previous adoptees and adoptive parents, along with their success stories.

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