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“Standard Poodles” are the light of our lives – Mary Lou Cole

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First we are providing reference letters from two veterinarians we have been associated with during our years as breeders. Dr. Maria Glennon, who got us off to a wonderful start, as our veterinarian at our past location and the beginning of our current location (from 1989 to 2006). For many years now, we have been using the services of Bunn Animal Hospital and Dr. Nicki Young. The support, knowledge, and compassion of Dr. Young and her staff have already proven to be invaluable to furthering the quality of our poodle babies.

  Next, as an American Kennel Club  (AKC) breeder, our records, facility and our dogs are inspected on an unannounced, periodical bases by an AKC inspector. Here is a letter written to us, from AKC, generated from one of these inspections.

  A few years after moving to our current location, we had the pleasure of hiring a wonderful lady and Vet Tech by the name of Gena Burrows. Here is a letter from her in reference to our facility and breeding program. Gena was unable to stay with us but we still miss her dearly.

   This letter is from a veterinarian office that saw one of Family Affairs Standard Poodle Puppies for its first vet visit with the puppy’s new family. This was quite an honor to us because the veterinarian did not know any of us personally.  To have a veterinarian office to take the time to write a note like this makes all the work put into our contracts, guarantee and shot records worth it. Every puppy adopted from Family Affair Standard Poodles will receive the same shot records referred to in this letter.

We have had the great pleasure of meeting and establishing friendships with many people over the years. Below you will be able to read letters and view pictures of proud owners of Family Affair Standard Poodles. Each one of these is unique, so please take your time and view them all. Some of these people have been gracious enough to allow us to make available to you their names and their email addresses.
   We hope these letters, pictures and references help you make a well-informed, confident decision about making a Family Affair Standard Poodle puppy a new addition to your family.

Here are a few pictures of some of our Standard Poodles in there Forever Homes.



This is one of our Standard Poodles!

First guide dog in local schools aids autistic boy.

Please click here to read the full article.

Boy Walking With a Standard Poodle Guide Dog From Family Affair Standards


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What Our Clients Say…

There are NO Words

We looked a VERY long time to find our perfect boy. Way too many places with poodles who are just wrong-dirty environments; asking what sex/color in advance (puppy mill). Seven years out, we are so in love with our boy. As we noted during our pre-purchase visit, the personalities of the poodles here are really noticeably sweet. We came from Florida to pick him up, BUT we saw him at four days old (traveling to visit family). These folks are SO honest; we wanted a brown boy, but even though brown at birth, they told us it could change (brown is a recessive gene). He stayed brown (as if we wouldn’t have taken him anyway!). We Love Him as does Everyone who meets him. Standards are rare in our area-the vets are smitten! When ready for our next (sometime in the future), there is no where else we would EVER consider than Family Affairs.

Jayna Lynne Gau

WILLOW………She Keeps Us Smiling Everyday

Family Affair Gunsmoke’s Great Lakes Willow has been a joy. My husband and I did National Shoot to Retrieve Trials with English Setter for over 40 years. I retired and spent a year looking for the perfect poodle which I knew could only be found when I found a kennel where the owners were sincerely knowledgeable, loving, sincere and truly honest people. At the end of each day that I spent looking on the computer, I would always come back to the Family Affair Website! We picked her up in July of 2013 and have never regretted our decision! Willow is known and respected by so many people as she travels with us to the National Shoot to Retrieve Trials all over the US.(My husband and son still trial) She loves life no matter which way the ‘wind blows’ and because of her awesome, loving and inquisitive personality, she has ‘introduced us’ to many new friends. Thank you Family Affair for your Love, Dedication, Knowledge and everything else positive in sharing with us your beautiful ‘4 legged children’ .

Audrey Robertson Boals

WILLOW……..Priceless Addition to our Family

Family Affair Great Lakes Willow is now 9 years old. She has been a wonderful family member and is loved by all she comes in contact with. Thank you Family Affair for the Knowledge, Love, Enthusiasm, Caring Attitudes and I could go on and on that you share with your 4 legged family as well as Us. Willow has traveled with us all the US. Her ‘sisters’ are English setters and my husband and son are in National Shoot to Retrieve Trials and no matter where we go, Willow is known and loved by everyone. She loves to retrieve anything and from any where. I, especially, am so grateful that in my year of searching for a standard I kept coming back to you, Family Affair. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gifts you give to others. ‘POODLES’ ARE GOD’S WAY OF PROVING THAT HE DIDNT WANT US TO WALK ALONE’

Audrey Robertson Boals

Testimonial by Yvonne

First of all, let me introduce myself.  I am 68 years old and my husband is 71 and a retired attorney.  He was the Assistant US Attorney for the western district of Texas from 1972 to 1976.  He then went in to private practice and retired in 2000.  His bio is in if you care to look it up.
The reason I am writing this is to let anyone that is looking for a wonderful poodle to know if you are reading this, you have found the place!  We are getting our second little girl Thursday April 7th and we could not be more excited!
We bought our first Standard Poodle from Family Affair Standards a year ago.  Her name is Sophie and she is the love of my life.  Now she is getting a little sister!  Sophie is not our first Standard Poodle, but our first from Family Affair.  I have had four over the past 20 years.  They are just naturally wonderful dogs, however, not all Standards are created equally!  I thought that I had the BEST and then we found this wonderful family that have the best poodles I have ever had.  Their coats are so thick and beautiful, I kind of feel sorry for our 8 year old black male that we thought was the best ever!  He and Sophie are great friends, but Sophie needs someone more her age to play with, thus little sister!
Our dogs are our children.  We have two daughters and four grandchildren, but when the day is done it is wonderful to just be with our dogs.  You are making a huge decision getting a Standard Poodle, because I have always said they are as smart as most 6 year olds.  They will be loyal to a fault and give you all the love you are looking for in a pet.  AND you have found the best breeder around.  God bless and enjoy your new family member.
Yvonne Johnson

Yvonne Johnson

Testimonial by Jeanne and Wes

Family Affair Standards Poodles,
Our first poodle had recently gone to heaven and we really felt the void.  We decided we wanted another poodle and after extensive research, my husband found your website and he immediately contacted you.  My husband spoke to Wendy and she told us that Sparkles  – mom and dad Sterling just had a litter of “silver” puppies on 10/29/13 and since we only live about 2 1/2 hours from you we took a trip.  The two week old puppies were all cuddled together in their own immaculate little house along with their mom watching over them.  We were very impressed with the facilities and felt we had found the right place.  We had to wait until they were six weeks old before we could make our choice, so four weeks later we took another trip and picked her out.  On December 29, we picked up Kaylee and brought her home.  She will turn 2 years old in a few weeks and after each grooming she turns more and more silver.  She is very, very smart, an excellent watch dog, wonderful personality and is being trained as my husband’s service dog.   My husband and I often say that if we had a dollar for every person that stops us to say how beautiful she is, we would be very rich right now.  We stay in touch with Wendy and are thrilled for her and her husband for the arrival of their sweet baby boy.  We highly recommend Family Affair!
Jeanne and Wes Westfall

Jeanne and Wes Westfall

Testimonial by Lauren, Brian, and Lola

Hi Wendy,
For the last few weeks I have felt such a strong urge to reach out and thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs. We purchased “blue girl” from Flame and Clifford’s litter that was born on October 5th 2015. Since she, Lola, has come into our lives she has been nothing shy of amazing.
My fiancé and I are impressed that she not only potty trained within two weeks, but she adapts to all environments very quickly. She is currently at the top of her class in obedience school and has been recommended for therapy dog training. Lola has the best personality and displays no signs of aggression or fear. Our groomer even keeps saying that she is the happiest dog and will often lick when her toes are being trimmed.
This week alone I have told people about family affair standards twice, when they inquire about where we purchased Lola from.
Please let me know if you ever need a reference, we could not be happier with our experience!
Thank you,
Lauren Ortiz, Brian Ross, and Lola Ross


We are so in love with Lola and I hope everyone can have such a positive experience! She is the sweetest girl and is doing great in her training and agility. My fiancé and I are getting married in June. Lola will actually be our ring bearer, so I will be sure to send some adorable photos from the wedding. We will be using family affair for our next poodle, so clearly we are huge supporters!
Lauren R. Ortiz

Lauren Ortiz, Brian Ross, and Lola Ross

Testimonial by Adam

I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but my name is Adam Wall.  I purchased a standard poodle puppy from you back in October 2015.  Her name is Family Affair’s Bright and Noble Della.  She’s out of Family Affair’s Shootin’ for the Stars at Canen and Legacy Landing’s Silver Glitter.  I’m currently in the process of training her to be my duck hunting companion and have entertained the thought of running her in some AKC Hunt Tests as well.  I’m sorry it’s been so long sending an update.  She really has been making some really great strides in her training.  House and crate training was a little tough, but we got through it.  I think, I might chalk that up to being a really long time since I’ve had a puppy and I had forgotten how inconvenient it was. That being said she’s been doing great in the house as well as the crate for about the past two months now (no accidents at all!!) Obedience training is going really well also; come, sit, stay, heel are all doing really well.  She’s very smart and catches on very quick.  It’s really impressive teaching her new things and seeing how quickly she understands what I’m asking her what to do. The first time we put the leash on her was really exciting because she is the first puppy I’ve ever seen not fight the leash. I’ve also started her on marked retrieves in the open and in light cover, as well as getting her steady to wing and shot.  She’s doing really well on these.  Going to start extending distance in the coming weeks.  I have also been teaching her to take hand signals, do some really simple blind retrieves, and come and stop on a whistle.  She’s catching on very quickly to the hand signals, and blind retrieves, and coming to a whistle.  Stopping on whistle is coming along, I think she understands, but is having a hard time wrapping her mind around the concept of how quickly it needs to happen, but I’m sure it won’t be long before she has that down pat too.  Oh we’re doing really well on remote sits as well.  I have two pictures I’m attaching to this e-mail.  I’ll have to get to take some more pics and videos when we’re out training.  Again I’m sorry about the long time delay for an update and the lack of pictures, but more are definitely to come!!  Please feel free to e-mail me anytime if you have any questions, comments, etc.  And thank you again for everything, Della really is a joy to have in the house and a real treat to train!! We’re having a blast!!!

Adam Wall

Testimonial by Christine

Dear Wendy,
I just want to touch base with you regarding our red standard boy puppy from Autumn and Clifford’s litter (11/28/15). We have named him Family Affair’s The Yorktown General “Patton”. His call name is Patton, and he will be 4-months old already next week. At his last vet check-up he was 18.2 lbs. We take him in for his final round of puppy vaccines on the 30th, so I could easily see him weigh maybe a little over 20-pounds? He is sure growing up happy and healthy!
Thank you for the great record keeping of our pups health and vaccine history. It helps us remember when, exactly, things happened from the time of his birth (vaccinations, nail trims, antibiotic info., grooming, etc.).
I’m attaching some photos of Patton, his face is so expressive, is really curios about everything, and has such a funny personality. He is a smart little puppy, and has learned many basic commands and tricks already. We can’t wait to get him involved in obedience and agility training. He is a real little trooper, and he wears his name proudly, like a big General! We are so happy to have him in our lives.
I have some questions as well… I noticed on your website that you have a section for “Testimonials,” and was wondering if this is the most updated information? How can others add to maybe share information? To see my puppy’s litter mates? Or to add photos of the best little puppy we have ever had? I gladly give my consent to share my experiences with Family Affairs Stand Poodles and any pictures of our beautiful red male puppy.
Thank you, Wendy, again, for your time, and for providing us such a sweetheart of a puppy.
Kindest regards,
Christine Giddens

Christine Giddens

Testimonial by Patti

Hi Wendy,
Here’s some photos of Gracie at a little over a year old. I have such a
“Girl Crush” on that puppy, its ridiculous :). She really is incredible. Not
only is she beautiful, but she has the best temperament of any dog I have
ever had. And don’t get me wrong, she’s got plenty of spunk but she just
seems to take everything in stride. Thank you for letting us have her in our
lives. We just love her so much.
Warm regards,
Patti Klaus


Patti Klaus

Testimonial by Chris

Just wanted to send you a few pics of Brutz. His first snow fall and he absolutely loved it. Can’t wait to see what he does with a little bigger snowfall! We absolutely adore him!
Best, Chris


Testimonial by Ravenna


Hi, it’s been a couple years since I’ve sent pictures of my boys that I got
from you guys. Bacchus is now a little over 4 years old and Brutus is a
little over 2 1/2 years old. They are my babies and are sweet as can be.
They have opposite personalities but get along so well. Here are a few
picture of them.
Ravenna Mashburn

Ravenna Mashburn

Testimonial by The Sterious Family

Our girls are doing great!! They’re both healthy and active and are over 20
lbs. now!! They are absolute loves and have brought us such joy and lots of
Thanks again,
The Sterious Family

The Sterious Family

Testimonial by Hans and Stacy

Just wanted to send you an update on Halo. He is doing very well at home. He loves the kids and is such a great family dog. He is probably the best behaved 6 month old puppy that we have ever had. He went to his first grooming appointment this past week and they said he did better than most adult dogs that they have in there. You might actually be getting a phone call from one of the groomers there about a puppy.
Thank you so much! We just love him to pieces!
Hans & Stacy Newton


Hans & Stacy Newton

Testimonial by Ruby

This is Ruby and one of her 15 minute trainings. She may have been the last choice female
but shows promise for obedience and agility. She already climbs full
staircases with ease. She loves people and especially children.
Click here for video.
IMG_0802 (1)


Testimonial by Ed

Good morning Wendy,
I thought that I would send you a couple of pictures that were recently taken of Riona.  The pictures were taken on Riona’s first mountain trail hike with me.  She loves hiking in the nearby mountains and is always ready to go out with me.  She has adjusted well to Spain and has no trouble understanding the Spanish spoken by the local dogs.  She is very clever and smart – a joy to have as a companion.  She has also adjusted well to our three cats and we see them often chasing each other around the house area.
She particularly enjoys hiking up the hill behind our house and is like a mountain goat as she jumps from boulder to boulder.  She is an “outdoor girl!”  I hope that all is well back there with you and your family.
Blessing to all of you,
Ed Ratigan

Good afternoon Wendy,
A picture taken this afternoon of Riona sunbathing by the pool.  She remains
a lovely pet and member of our family.
God bless,
Ed Ratigan – Spain

Ed Ratigan – Spain

Testimonial from Mebane, North Carolina

Good morning to our Family Affair friends! We took Jentezen Everett for his well puppy visit at Animal Hospital of Mebane. He had a great report and everyone there fell in love with him…just as we have!  We take him back 7-18 for his 9 week check up.  Kelly and Jentezen have bonded amazingly and we are so blessed to have him as part of our family.  Thank you for making my daughter’s dreams come true with her new furever baby!!!  We’ll keep in touch for sure in the days to come. These pictures say it all….our cup runneth over ?

Mebane, North Carolina

Testimonial by Kerstin

Hi Wendy,

Germany is saying hello!

Last year you got a standard poodle phantom puppy to me: “Freaky”. It was a big adventure to get him through the borders without a rabies vaccination. Perhaps you do remember ?!

He is already grown up and became a stunning poodle-man. I am allowed to breed with him (PRA, vWd, NE and DM clear, hips B2 – think that would be fair or borderline – I’m not sure about this, sorry). He has had his first bride two weeks ago, who lives with a friend of mine.

He is a very nice guy and a real good jumper, believe me… our fence is now 63 inches high – so really do not worry about his hips being all right ? He likes playing and running around…. sometimes – when I am not concentrating on him – he finds a rabbit or deer and tries to catch it – but really just sometimes.

He tries to swim a little in the lake and river nearby, but is not so sure about it, yet. And he likes to run along with me riding on the bike ?

Thank you for this great guy! … and all the nerves it has cost you to give him to Germany and me ?

Kerstin Klimaschewski

Kerstin Klimaschewski

Testimonial by Sarah


Hi Wendy,
Hope all is well for you all.
I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Summit. I let her hair grow out
so long and it was so gorgeous, but it’s so hot here right now so I decided
to give her a summer do. She still has her puppy coat, but it’s slowly
changing. I am growing her top knot out and banding it. I gave her bell
bottoms. ?
Also, she is no longer having tear staining and her coat is almost all white
except for her light cream ears, which may whiten up. She is gorgeous and so
smart and so amazing! She is a very fast runner and very athletic! Her
personality Is awesome! I just love her!
Here are a couple pictures (the lighting is horrible in these pics…these
pics don’t do her justice).
You are more than welcome to use me as a reference if needed. I plan on
adopting a few more poodles from you in the future. I want one of every
color!! LOL!
Summit was born 10/30/13. She is from Paris and Eli’s litter.

Hi Wendy,

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful my new puppy is. I named her “Summit.” She has the perfect personality. I took the week off from work, but started back to work today. She gets to go with me to work and play with the other groomer’s Standard Poodle puppy who is 6 months old. They love each other, and all my clients love her. The other groomer’s (Nancy) chocolate puppy was purchased from M & N Expressions (Jan Maxwell, also known as Jan’s Poo’s) in Florence, Oregon. I just learned today that Jan’s Poo’s purchased a puppy from you in the past. What a really small world! Originally I was going to purchase a puppy form Jan’s Poo’s, but after a visit to her house a while ago, I didn’t like her setup and didn’t like many other things I won’t go into must detail about. Let’s just say that I was not impressed, especially after meeting a lot of her dogs.

So, I am so happy to have found you guys! I plan on adopting another poodle from you in the near future. I have my heart set on a Sable Phantom puppy (Similar to China).
Also, I wanted to let you know I took “Summit” to my vet and she was really impressed with her. She says nothing was wrong and she is totally healthy. The only issue that she had, after her fecal test, was she has Coccidia and Giardia. I will be picking up her medication tomorrow at her Vet. I’m glad they are open on Sundays so that I can get those dang parasites out of her. Poor girl!
I also posted a few pictures of her on your Facebook page, but I thought I would add some more of her in this email in case you want to use them for your website or something. Also, you are more than welcome to use me as a reference! ?
Thanks again for producing wonderful Standard Poodle puppies!
Sarah Shaffer (from Oregon)

Sarah Shaffer (from Oregon)

Testimonial by Stacy

We are loving our little poodle puppy! We named her Ruby in honor of her red coat.

I’m attaching some pictures taken by my husband, a professional photographer. I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to use them on your website or Facebook page or whatever you want, as long as you credit the photos to “Herbert Lee Jones Photography”.

Thanks so much for raising beautiful poodles!


Testimonial by Kathy Moore

It has been 2 weeks since this little stubborn, bullheaded, insistent, loving, sweet adorable boy has joined our family! I am so in love!

Now, let me tell you, this little demon has “un-potted” about 10 plants, drug every dog bed out of the crates, has decided he is too big for his play pen and has to sleep by Frank (that is being tolerated by the big white boy!)! So far, so good! LOL Has been using the dog doors since the 2nd day he was here and hasn’t had an accident in the house for over a week!!! Yeah!

The boy has absolutely no patience! ? At meal time, he starts to bark and talk until he gets his bowl! Tried to tell him he is low little dude, he does not agree!

Yes, he already thinks he is 6′ tall and bullet proof! He is definitely a keeper!

This picture is “the herd” running for supper! Look who is in the middle!

I cannot thank you enough for sending this holy terror our way! ❤

Kathy Moore

Kathy Moore

Testimonial by Robin

I hope you are doing well.  As Chase is now one year of age, I thought you would enjoy an update.  He is doing very well.  He is handsome, happy, and healthy.  We love taking daily long walks and playing together.  He is very intelligent and enjoys learning.  Chase loves the water in all its forms.  Rain and storms do not bother him in the least.  His ultimate pleasure, however, is the snow.  He enjoys the snow more than any dog I have ever known, which is great for my husband as he now has a snow buddy. From a very young pup to around six months he attended weekly puppy daycare classes at Holiday Barn Pet Resorts, which allowed him to “run with the pack” and develop awesome social skills.  He delights in being around all sorts of people and dogs.

 Chase is a true joy and I thank you for such a wonderful dog!


Robin Sandridge

 Robin Sandridge

Testimonial from Andy and Whitney

Hi Wendy,
Cooper enjoyed the ride home.  Mostly slept and got to know the smells and comfort level of his owner’s lap and back seat.  He vomited a couple times, but he didn’t seem at all bothered.  He was a great travel companion.  No whining at all.  He loves the new place….even though it is in the city.  He helped me water our back patio garden when we got home and has really enjoyed getting to smell / explore our home.  When Whitney gets off tonight, we’ll be purchasing the kennel, some toys, food, etc.  My mom has already told us all the toys, foods, snacks, etc. to avoid with him.  We welcome the info.
Looking forward to introducing Cooper to the huge park across our street, Patterson Park.  He’ll have no shortage of things / people / places to explore – while on a leash – and will meet many new canine friends.
We will touch base with you once we take him to the veterinarian early next week.
I’ve attached a few pics of his ride home and first toy.
Thanks for a great buying experience!
Andy and Whitney Hutchens

Andy and Whitney Hutchens

Testimonial from Oklahoma


Hello from Oklahoma!  Just wanted to update you on my beautiful poodles Max and Mitzi.  They are absolutely perfect dogs.  I get compliments on them daily!  I’ve had many people ask if they are show dogs.  Here are a couple of pictures.  They love to go in the car in the morning and LOVE Starbucks!  Max has turned out to be my best therapy dog.  He adores children.  Mitzi is better with adults but likes children too.  They enjoy the ranch and I think would be great cow dogs if given the opportunity.  I’ve learned how to cut them and actually like grooming them.  Max’s coat is phenomenal!  It’s so soft!  Mitzi is more curly and course.


Testimonial by Kathy and Rick


Hi Wendy,
Greetings from Wisconsin!  Family Affairs “ROMEO” is doing just great.  He is in training still and will continue with that for a while with private training sessions with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.  He has proven to be a really  great addition to us.  He’s not shy but a real leader.  He’s loved a lot!!   Have a very good summer and know Romeo is doing just great and very loved.  He is so special to us.
Warm regards,
Kathy and Rick Quandt

Kathy and Rick Quandt

Testimonial by Barrett


Hi Wendy,
I bought three silver poodles (2 boys, 1 girl) from you WAY back in 2006, but I have been meaning to write you ever since.
Every time I take a picture of my poodles – I think that I need to send one to you.  I ended up taking both boys.  One who I call “Tony” and who you called “Moose” (he’s Thomas to me) after my dad decided he couldn’t take care of him anymore.
Moose has always been big.  I have to keep him on a special diet and walk him 1-2 miles a day.  But he is hands down the sweetest and most lovable of the three I got from you.  Still, that is not saying much because Tony (who you said was the best of the litter) is absolutely and completely devoted to me.  He is also a singer.  There are a few songs and TV anthems that will set him off howling!  I don’t know much about the girl (Gabby) because my sister has her, but she looks JUST like Tony only the girl version. Thomas is overweight… but in truth he looks more like a Lab than Poodle (which I LOVE).   Those are hardly problems.  Tony and Thomas are the love of my life.  Thank you for creating them and letting them be a part of my life.


Testimonial by D Palmer


Wendy, I’ve attached some photos of my Family Affair Standards.  Back in Sept. 2012 I brought these two home and life has been pure joy since then.  Ok, so I’m exaggerating a lil bit, but in the midst of all the chaos there lies pure joy.  My boys will be 2 on August 1.  Wow how time flies.  So glad I found out about Family Affair standards and equally glad I drove all the way to NC to pick up my boys.  They’re doing great.
D Palmer-Bernabe

D Palmer-Bernabe

Testimonial by Bill Neil


Hello Wendy!

Just thought you might enjoy a recent photo of the little black poodle we adopted 2 years ago.  He’s doing great, loves the country, and we love him dearly as well.  At some point we’d like to adopt a friend for Bear, but until Charlotte and I retire, one dog is about all we can handle. I hope all goes well with you these days, and that you continue to bless others with your marvelous pups!
Bill Neil
William Neil, Organist
National Symphony Orchestra &
The National Presbyterian Church
Washington, DC


Hi Wendy,
A few pics for your file.  Bear’s doing great, he’s taken over here, has really broken out of his shell, no longer a shy guy.  Monday’s vet check was perfect.  The doctor was extremely impressed with his immunization records.
Have a great day!

William Neil, Organist

Testimonial by Kristen

I’d say he’s adjusting well ?. We absolutely adore him! What a sweetheart! The last pic was taken in the car on the way home and my son said, “I love you Storm, I really do.” Thank you for our precious new fur baby!
Kristen Colicci


Kristen Colicci

Testimonial by Fowler


Hey Wendy!!
Just wanted to tell you how very happy we are with our new baby. We named
her “Alice” and it suits her so well. She is doing great with potty training
and is so very smart, retrieving everything we throw. Our only problem is
she wants to eat everything which she will grow out of. It’s been a long
while since I’ve had a puppy, I didn’t realize how much she would keep me on
my toes. Thank you so much for producing such a nice puppy I can’t say
enough good things about Alice and Family Affair Standards!!

Bridget Fowler

Testimonial by Amy

Hi Wendy, I just wanted to thank you. We love our Standard Poodle girl,
Chloe so much (Gunsmoke and Surprise’s baby girl D.O.B. (11/01/13). We
picked her up from you a year ago Saturday. She is our family’s sweetheart
and both my daughters, 5 year old Sophia and 16 year old Tori, and my
husband, Colin, and myself truly love her. She is the best Christmas
present our family ever had. The puppy stage was hard especially with the
harsh winter last year but we made it a long way with a few ups and downs.
She’s maturing into a great people dog that really “talks to us”.
Thank you so much for your help in finding our newest family member and life
love. Happy Holidays to you and your family.
Amy Johnson Moss


Amy Johnson Moss

Testimonial by Joanne and Eric


Hey Wendy-
Thought I would pass along a video of our boys for you. Bear is the latest
addition, from Kirby and Carbon. As you can see, he is fitting in like the
missing puzzle piece. We adore him!
Holiday Blessings to you all!
Joanne and Eric Cembrook


Joanne and Eric Cembrook

Testimonial by The Vives family

Hi Wendy!

My wife and I purchased one of your puppies in July 2014; a male from Chase and Diva’s litter. We are writing to tell he is growing happy and healthy here in Miami, Florida!  His name is Bailey and he has made a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you very much for the gorgeous puppy! We have attached some pictures below!
The Vives family

The Vives family

Testimonial by Audrey

Update: (10-2013)

Hi every one,
Fall is upon us and Willow and Lacey are now inseparable sisters.  Every day we love Willow more and more!
In the first picture, Willow just wanted to run with her cousins and sister.
2nd…enjoying the campfire at Burt Lake Campground
3rd….trying on her ‘winter coat’
4th….’I can jump up on the camper couch now
5th…  Mom and I are on the break-wall at Lake Michigan and I’m looking for salmon!
6th…We’re at the end of the break-wall watching the car ferry leaving for Wis.
7th….camping at the Traverse City Campground
She loved all of our camping trips and is so in-tuned to what she is expected to do.  She is such a great traveler.
Jimmy went hunting in North Dakota last week and Willow and I had time to ourselves.  She is my co-pilot with her safety belt on.  We love to go for walks along Lake Michigan and she is a HIT !  She is a perfect lady when walking….I make her COME SIT and STAY when cars or people are around…….the consistency is important but she is improving with each day.   We are constantly working on those commands as well as LEAVE IT and DOWN and HEEL……Willow knows what is expected of her and she can get a real ‘devilish look’ in those gorgeous eyes when she wants to ‘test’ me…… I do believe that all of your ‘babies’ are extremely smart.
It’s really cute when I play your puppy videos and turn up the volume……..she sits up and looks with her ‘cocked head’ telling me “I know those & voices”
I’m so happy and proud to share Willows experiences with you……I know that you enjoy knowing she has a good home….you may share any information/pictures………ENJOY
Audrey and Family

Update: (8-2013)

Hi everyone!!!!!
Just a few more pictures to update you on our family’s fun times with Willow and Lacey !!!
Jim and Brian (our son) ran in the National Shoot to Retrieve Trial in Hudson IN over the weekend.
Lacey and Blazer (Brian’s English pointer pup 11 months old) placed in the middle of the pack.  Willow continues to be a joy and adopts to anything.
As you can see we had 4 kennels, 4 dogs and we camped on the trial ground.  Willow was a pro!!!!!  She loved chasing the butterflies!!!!  She has almost outgrown her small kennel so she’ll be sleeping next to our bed from now on!
She is at l6 lbs.  I gave her a bath today cuz she had chocolate highlights due to the dirt she loved playing in at the trial.  Stood her on the laundry room counter and blow-dried her…….she was so relaxed during it all.
Enjoy the pics…..if you ever want to published on fb , I don’t care!

Update: (8-2013)

Hi Family Affair…..words just can’t express the joy that Tapango and Gunsomke have afforded us with their offspring we named Willow.  She is an excellent camper as well as trying to help the ‘expert bird dogs’ in their training.    In our last camping trip at Burt Lake State Park MI, we had campers ask to take her picture.  Several campers noted her excellent personality as they watched  us on our daily run…(un-be-known to us).    The first week she was home she has been completely potty trained.  She has learned the 5 doors that go outside and will go to any one of them and ‘bark’!   Since her first vet visit (July 15, 2013) at which she weighed in at 11 lbs. to her last vet visit (Aug. 5, 2013) she has gained 5 lbs. (She’s at 16 lbs.  )   I am sending a video next……too much for this email.   Thank you for sharing your LOVE!


Audrey and Family

Testimonial by Colleen


Dear Wendy,
Just wanted to send you a picture of Max. He just turned 4 last month and is doing well. He is a big boy, last time at the vet he weighed 95lbs. He is really solid!!!!! Does not like any critters in his yard or anyone walking down the street…he gets quite vocal. He loves to sleep on the leather sofa and ice cream is a favorite. Hope you are all well. So glad his father, Timothy, is a permanent resident with your family. Thank you again for our “Maxwell”.
Colleen Rish

Colleen Rish

Testimonial by Lisa

Hello Wendy!
Today, Jadie went to get his final vaccination and went for a walk!  The vet said that she cannot hear a heart murmur anymore.  I think he grew out of it like you said.
Jadie is a very stubborn but wonderful puppy!  Can you see the family resemblance!  He looks just like the picture from your website of his mother Vegas when she was a puppy!
My husband and I love him very much and he’s being trained hard but also a little spoiled!!
Thank you so much for the wonderful puppy!!
Lisa Oh

Lisa Oh

Testimonial by Tammy

Wendy, we purchased our white male “Jonah” I believe in April-May 2014.
Jonah parents I believe are Winter and White Cloud. We live in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
We viewed Jonah from a slide show/video on your web site after another one
of our Veterinarian friends from W.V. suggested you and has one of your white
puppies I think from the same parents.
We also have a 7 year black female and the two dogs are best buddies! We
couldn’t be happier or love more this perfect dog! My husband is a
Veterinarian in Ft. Wayne and we are always having people asked where we got
Jonah. Just wanted you to see how pampered, loved and happy one of your
puppies lives!
Thank you for such an incredible puppy!
Tammy Rodgers

2012-08-06 20.13.59

Tammy Rodgers

Testimonial by Theodore


Dear Wendy;
Hi,  It’s been just a bit over two years ago since Samantha (Sam), the café au lait female puppy that you whelped and raised became, at 7 weeks, so very much a part of my life.  What joy she brings me every day, for she is the most docile, intelligent, and well behaved dog that I have ever been privileged to become a companion with.  Your careful breeding, kind human contact, puppy training, and mini housebreaking cabins are no doubt responsible for this effect on Sam’s upbringing and exceptionally good manners.  I just cannot thank you enough. I am considering a companion for Samantha in the very near future and you may rest assured that your kennel will be my first and only choice.
Thank you again.
Theodore J. Cool Jr.
Newport News, VA

Theodore J. Cool Jr.

Testimonial by Nysha


Hi Wendy,
Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Sardius. She just turned a
year old and what a joy she has brought to us in our home. We love her so
much! Thank you
Nysha Chestnut

I think she’s doing very well for a year old puppy.. She’s very smart!
Sardius 1st snow!
She loved it!!!!

Nysha Chestnut

Testimonial by Becky


Last night Polly and I took the CGC test and she passed with flying colors! What a joy this dog is!  One of our instructors found out that she was only 11 months old and was shocked. Polly did the best out of our whole class and she was the youngest by far.  We’ll be taking a beginner agility class in January. I think she’ll love that because she’s very athletic. She’ll fetch all day long and loves to go jogging with me.
Thank you for adding such joy to our family.

Update: (6-2014)

I can’t believe Polly is already 6 months old! She got spayed last week and is doing so well.  We start Advanced Obedience this week and then we’ll try for her CGC title ?   She’s such a love bug. She’s doing very well overcoming her timidness and we work with her on it daily. She loves going to new places and LOVES all dogs! She has such fun at the dog park and her best buddies are a Great Dane and a boxer! ?  She runs and runs and runs! She is always sad when it’s time to leave.  Here are a few pictures we took of her this week. I thought you might like to see how pretty she is. I’m having so much fun grooming her….just don’t look too closely at my lines… I’m still learning.  LOL
Thanks again for such a wonderful girl.  Not a day goes by that we’re not grateful to have found such a love bug.
? Becky Miller

As Polly approaches her 12 week birthday, I thought I’d let you know how our little girl is doing.  She was a breeze to potty train and only had 3 accidents the first week and a half and no accidents since!  She sleeps all the way through the night in her crate by my bed.  She loves the daycare kids and doesn’t mind their loud noises (but they’re separated by a baby gate during the day until she gets a little older. She visits the little ones for small amounts of time now.
We take her everywhere with us.  We snuck her into my mom’s quilt meeting last week and she got to ride the elevator (pic #1).  She didn’t mind it a bit and loved giving all the quilt ladies kisses.  She went through the car wash with me yesterday. I held her in my lap and gave her treats through it and she did really well.
I’ve been working on grooming her for about 10 minutes each day since she got home and now she’s a champ with the clippers!  She even laid still enough the other day for me to paint her toe nails (pic #3). ?  She is playful but luckily tires out after an hour or so.
Here she is, a few weeks ago, waiting for her dinner…
I work on training with her several times a day and she waits at the open door now until we say “Okay”, she sits, “watch me”, and comes (unless she’s feeling cheeky) when called.  We have our 2nd puppy class today so we’ll work on practicing those skills with lots of distractions.
We just love her to bits and the kids can’t wait to get off the bus in the afternoon so they can see her.
I know this is long winded, and you all stay so busy but I just wanted to let you know how happy we all are and how much we love Polly.  We continue to sing your praises anytime anyone asks us “Where did you find a Standard Poodle?!” ?
Thank you so much!!


Testimonial by Bill and Teri

Hi Wendy!!
We are loving this new baby, as are all 10 of our grandkids…picture just shows one of them… J ..Anyway, after losing the last poodle 8 yr old baby, we are very apprehensive of everything.  We have an appointment to go back to our previous vet for Shiloh’s first visit (and consistent with your contract) on Thursday, April 19th at 1:00.  However, knowing this, we were wondering what vaccination schedule and shots you feel and know your dogs do best on.  We would like to compare to what our vet is recommending.  As you and your family has been raising poodles for almost 25 years, we trust your experience and would like to have your experience, education and expertise as a point of reference when talking to our family vet.
We loved and cared for our beloved poodle we lost in February, and tried to provide him all the best care, but feel we weren’t as educated as we should have been with him perhaps through his life.  Now with this new baby, we feel we are on the up curve and respect all the advice you can provide.
So, if you could, we would appreciate what you feel is the schedule for vaccinations for your puppies through adulthood.  We would also like to know what you feel or think about how may vaccinations should be given at one time, what you would recommend for flea and tick treatment and what/feel about dental cleanings.
We soooo love and appreciate the baby, he is doing so well.  And we very much appreciate any feedback we can get from you.. Particularly, for the babies (Shiloh’s) first visit on Thursday.  We expect him to be nothing but healthy, but we are concerned about vaccines or treatments  he may not need.  Your schedule would be appreciated!!
We love this baby like he was yours!!
Thank you
Bill & Teri Phillips

Bill & Teri Phillips

Testimonial by Brianna


Hi Wendy,
I wanted to update you on my puppy that I bought from you in March. The last time we talked he had bit me in the face, and he is NOT doing that anymore. I also wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me on that upsetting night. His name is Julius, and he is doing wonderful…he’s hardheaded at times and doesn’t want to listen sometimes, but he’s very smart and learning very quickly. I believe I’ve established dominance with him because he has never even tried to play bite me since I punished him for biting me in the face. He seems to be establishing a bond with me as well, he is coming up to me a lot more for attention even with my other dog around, he seems to be a lot more interested in other people as well, he’s been greeting everyone at the door and has a great fondness for my 7 year old niece. Anyways, once again thanks so much for all your help.
p.s. I attached a most recent picture of him ?
Thanks again,
Brianna Keitt


Brianna Keitt

Testimonial by Russell, Kari and Luna


Luna is nearly a year old now and has proven to be an energetic loving
member of the family. When she is up she is non stop and when she is down
she is loving and trusting like no other. She weighs just shy of 55 lbs.
she recently graduated from Canine Good Citizen class and really performed
well throughout all her obedience classes. She requires at least two walks a
day and reminds you often if for what ever reason you fall short of 2 walks.
She has great hunting instincts and a nose like a bloodhound, something our
last poodle never had. Her spaying and removal of the umbilical hernia went
smoothly. She is a big beautiful dog who receives compliments where ever we
go for her unusual markings.
Thank you for breeding such a great dog and we are blessed to have found
All the best,
Russell, Kari and Luna

Russell, Kari and Luna

Testimonial by Elizabeth


Hello Wendy,
Sam was from Rusty’s very last litter.  I got first choice of the male puppies and he picked me.  He is now 2 years old.  Just wanted to send you a picture of him and an update of how he is doing.  He is 70 lbs. and very healthy and happy.  We quickly discovered that he was insanely intelligent…he rings a bell to go outside and we didn’t even have a chance to teach him this, as soon as we hung the bell from the door he knew exactly what to do.  I know I am partial but he is absolutely the most beautiful dog I have ever seen!  He gets 2 long walks a day at the local park which includes long runs in a a large open field.  He loves everyone and every creature….he has been deemed the park mascot!  He instinctively knows to be gentle with small children and loves them to pieces.  We take him almost everywhere with us…he is well behaved in all situations and loves attention from anyone that wants to stop and say hello to him.  He has brought so much joy to our lives. I had always wanted a Standard Poodle and understand now that having one in your life is unique to most other breeds.
Please use me as a reference if you like.  I am willing to answer any questions that someone considering one of your dogs would have and can attest to the health and temperament that I have experienced from our companion.
Elizabeth Almanza


Elizabeth Almanza

Testimonial by David and Diane


Hi CindyWe picked up a chocolate pup from you back in May – one of Kisses and
Cowboy’s last litter – born on March 17th. Here he is at 7 months. I owe
you a letter of recommendation. To tell you the truth – I was waiting to see
how he would turn out before writing the letter. You told us he would be a
hand full when we picked him up – and he has been. You also said he would be
a good dog – and he is. I’ll send you that letter soon and some more
pictures.His name is Rafael and we call him Rafe pronounced with a long a. We love
him and give him a good home. He is quite the traveler. He has been to
Colorado twice and Michigan once.We had a chocolate once before and he was a hand full too. Our last two
poodles were black and easy to handle. I suppose we didn’t realize that
personality in poodles can be predicted by color. We are glade we have Rafe.
He is extremely smart and will be a very good dog. He is quite the looker
and we get compliments on him where ever we go.
Thanks for a great dog and –
Best to you
David and Diane

David and Diane

Testimonial by Heather


Hi Wendy!
We bought “THEO” from you back in April 2012.  He is Bruce Almighty and Madison’s puppy.   I just wanted to thank you all so much for pairing us with THEO.   God absolutely answered our prayers and sent the perfect puppy to us for Layla.  He is such a sweetheart and is catching on quickly to the training we have been doing with him.  Layla just loves him so much and he waits for her and lets her go down the stairs first!   Because Layla has special needs making friends is hard for her.  However,  with “THEO” I know she will now have a friend for life!
I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to breed such good puppies and allowing God to use you to brighten others’ lives.  I have never owned a dog in the past but if I knew I would have owned “THEO” ,  I would have bought a standard poodle earlier!
Thanks again for all you do!


Testimonial by Laurie & Remy


Just a quick note to say Hi. Bryce and I took 2 horses and of course the 2 Poodles and we are camping this weekend in Lake Wales FL.  Attached is Remy standing outside the horse trailer.
To answer a few questions, yes Remy is good size but not oversized. I believe she is right around 50lbs not sure how tall she is though. I will try to remember to measure her at some point. We have started her Agility training and the first session she was very fearful and unsure of things but within the next 2 lessons she was charging the A frame (at full height) as well as walking briskly (not trotting just yet) over the dog walk. The tunnels are still hit or miss but on the other hand she is a HUGE jumper, and I can honestly say that taking jumps is pure joy for her. I have a small agility course set up at the house and we work a little each day. On Monday we have a 1 hour private Agility lesson with a really super trainer, Gail Waller. Gail LOVES Remy and thinks she is going to make an exceptional agility trial dog. Tues. nights Maddie Jolie is working in obedience and then Wed night both girls attend an agility group class, and then finally on Thurs evening it is Remy’s turn again for another agility class. In Jan. I will try to once again start her in Obedience as I would like to try to show her at PCA this spring in both agility and obedience.  The first time we tried obedience Remy had a difficult time with it and very quickly got bored with all the other ill behaved dogs (she is very very good and very obedient but she still has to learn the basics to be able to compete.)
So that is the news from FL. I will try to keep you updated on our training progress.
Hope your Thanksgiving was happy and the Christmas Holidays are full of blessings for all of you.
Warmest Regards,
Laurie & Remy Cosette

Laurie & Remy Cosette

Testimonial – Wendy Vickers

Wendy Vickers
Cindy, you were so right when you said that, having 3 poodles would be the most fun we’ve ever had! Here are just a few pictures of them all.
Wendy Vickers: She is our only girl and my husband is very protective of her! She is definitely turning into a daddy’s girl!
Wendy Vickers: My son loves our 3 gorgeous poodles!

Wendy Vickers

Testimonial by Elaine

This is my girl from Shimmer & Mochi litter 4/11//11… Izzy is competing in obedience has received three titles RN, RA, & BN! Very Smart!!

Elaine Spradlin Stern

Testimonial by Gail

Hi Wendy,

Cara Mia is a vivacious, energetic rascal.  She loves to steal items and hoard them behind the couch.  She wants me to know she has them and then runs.   I have a German Shepherd/Chow, Isaac, that is thirteen.   He will scold her when she gets too rambunctious, and then kiss her.    I also have a 12 yr old Golden Retriever, Josie.

Josie is too patient with Mia, and sometimes I have to put Mia in ‘time out’ for awhile.

She has really brightened the older dogs up, though.  It has been good for them.

Mia has a “big girl” hair-do now.   She went to obedience training in Oct. 2009. We are still working on that every day.   Sometimes she is very good, and then………..she definitely has her own agenda.

Well, I hope everything is going well for you.   I will send some more pictures when I take some.   I sure do love her and she really has helped my heart to heal from losing TEA.

Thanks again, Wendy.
Gail K. Amy

Gail K. Amy

Testimonial by Lori

Hi Miss Cindy – I just had to drop you a note and tell you how much we love Snickers! He is an awesome dog. He chewed through his crate on the second night and has been out ever since with no accidents!! He walks like a dream on the leash and has the sweetest personality!! I will recommend you all to anyone in need of a sweet poodle dog! You all are great. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog. You really picked us the perfect dog. Blessings to your family from our family.


Testimonial by Dennis and Donna


Dear All:
Dennis and I would like to thank you for bringing Penny (Family Affair’s Princess Anastasia Penny) into our lives.  The set up that you have there appears to be ideal, and your knowledge of the dogs allowed you to pick the absolutely perfect pup for our needs. I would stress to anybody who want to buy from you, to go ahead and tell you every single detail about what they want as far as temperament – you really know your dogs!
Also, your advice was priceless.  As you suggested, we did not take her anywhere right away.  She was initially very clingy but is really loosening up. We stayed home Friday, Saturday and Sunday with no visitors.  On Monday, Penny met my 20 month old granddaughter, stuck by her all day, and allowed her to pet and hug at will.  Penny is also calm with the cats, and the three of them feel safe in the same room as the dog and walk right up to touch noses.  Our youngest cat wants to play, but changes his mind when Penny plays back, as Penny’s size is somewhat overwhelming.
On Tuesday we ventured out to the vets and today to the groomers.  Having a few quiet days under her belt allowed her to deal with these new situations with ease.  She also does well in the car, and as I told you before, is completely housebroken, a really pleasant surprise. She sleeps in a crate in our bedroom, and easily makes it through the night. In addition, she walks very well on a leash and already plays fetch.
Her coat, when trimmed, turned out to be the richest mahogany color, absolutely stunning.  And the longish hair still has the red blonde highlights.  I’ve attached before and after grooming pictures.  You can see how proud she is of her new hairdo! There is also another picture of when she first arrived and was still adjusting from being away from all of you. You can actually see her adjust as each day goes by!
Thank you again, and feel free to us as a reference.
Dennis and Donna Mellon

Dennis and Donna Mellon

Testimonial by Emily


Thank you for giving me my puppy. You guys were all great, so nice. What a well-run, happy poodle farm you’ve created! I get complements on Echo all the time- so it’s not just me saying he is beautiful, graceful, calm, and smart. I’m going to have him as a therapy dog; they won’t test until a puppy is 1, but Echo’s a sure pass already. I’m so glad I stumbled across Family Affair, that’s really what happened, we were driving through North Carolina, and I found an advert website on my phone. I don’t know how I’d be making it without him. He definitely didn’t come potty trained (I read some of the letters people have sent you today, and showed Echo pictures of his mom and dad and siblings) but he came with a personality and good looks, so I was in love with him and therefore willing to forgive his imperfections. I miss him terribly every minute we are apart (I had no idea I could love and admire a dog this much- wow- I’m one of those people). Echo comes everywhere with me, motor-boating, bike riding, sledding, many beach expeditions and long car rides.  I open the door and say “hop in” and he knows that we’re going somewhere fun (even though we usually aren’t). He waits patiently while I go into shops and classes. He’s 55lbs now, and he doesn’t mind me carrying him on my hip like a child. That’s something people don’t see too often. He tolerates petting and hugs from mobs of toddlers as well as the Muppet he so closely resembles. I’m so lucky to be the owner of one of the best poodles ever to grace this planet, and I’m greatly appreciative to you and your family for organizing his creation and taking care of him as a baby ? You can trust that he is in a home as loving and happy, social, and entertaining, as he could wish for.
Thanks again!


Testimonial by Rene


I wanted you to know that Bo is doing really, really well. He is HUGE. He has pretty much doubled in size since we got him. He has learned basic commands, is pretty well house trained, and is just a delight. We love, love, love him. We take him everywhere we go.  He goes on lots of long walks, to every store that will allow him, and he went on his first big camping adventure this weekend. We will send pictures for your website if you like as he grows.


Testimonial by Rena and John Sproston

August 02, 2009

Hi to all of you from Rena and John Sproston,
Hope you remember us. We adopted Dixie, whose father is Gunsmoke and her mom is Noel. We’re from Wake Forest. You referred to Dixie as “the little red one.” Anyway, Dixie is a free spirit and a very happy and energetic puppy! Right now she is 47 lbs and 24 inches high at 6 months. Dixie loves to scamper around and play with Harleigh, our 7 yr. old blue standard. We are trying to guess what size Dixie will be when she is full grown. Thank you for such a loving and affectionate puppy! We hope that you and all your animals are doing well. Rena, John, Dixie, and Harleigh

Rena, John, Dixie, and Harleigh

Testimonial by Pam


Hi Cindy,

Trixie turned 6 months this past week and she is absolutely beautiful.  We are so happy with her and she is turning into a very well behaved entertaining dog.  I have attached a couple of pictures.  The one titled “pretty redhead” was taken today when she came home from the groomer.  Her color is amazing.
Thank you for such a wonderful puppy,
Pam Holsclaw

Pam Holsclaw

Testimonial by Leslie


Hi Wendy,
We wanted to let you know that Sampson has made himself at home.  We started with a late night beach walk on Friday evening, which he loved, then we took him on the boat with us to lunch on Sunday.  He did great, what a trooper with the life jacket.  The kids are very excited!  He will see the vet tomorrow afternoon.  He is doing well, eating and drinking without any problems.  He sleeps more than I expected him to, but he is still a baby.  He doesn’t quite know what to think today with the kids back in school, he won’t leave my side.
Thanks for everything! 


Testimonial by Vonnie and Family

Update: 4-2010

Hi Cindy: Just wanted to let you know how much we love Reuben (Gunsmoke X Crackers). You were right – he has the most amazing personality. At seven months, he is loving and funny and sweet and adorable and so easy to train. He had his neuter with no problems – bounced right back. He is learning to walk beautifully on the leash. I give him lots of practice in our walks about 3Xday. He is always with us, but not in an annoying way. I groom him myself with my new Oster A5 Clippers. He has a gorgeous coat. We just got back from the mountains, and he had a great time running around up there. He also is developing a love of swimming in the creek near our house. He is a GREAT retriever who never wearies from fetching his “Chuk-It” frisbee! He is a blessing and joy to us, especially as we lost our dear lab girl finally after a long illness. Keep your eyes out for the next super special pup like Reuben.
Vonnie and Family


Hi Wendy,  Holley,  & Cindy

Reuben is ABSOLUTELY the light of our lives. He is athletic, agile, adorable, expressive, and gorgeous. Our recent fun is hiding his toys and then having him find them. He is so smart. His favorite toy is his Chuk-It Frisbee, but he knows the difference between “ball,” “ring,” “panda,” “chuk-it,” and “bone,” among other things. He knows each member of our family, and we can say “Go wake up William!” and he will run in and jump on his bed or Julia or whoever. I take him out into the woods every day to run and leap around and play in the stream. He has a great life and is an essential part of our family. I take him everywhere in the car with me, and he sits on the back seat like another kid. No one can believe he is only 1! By the way, he is HUGE: 72 lbs. and 27” at least. He is one of the biggest Standards I have ever seen, which is fun. I groom him myself and though it is not his favorite activity, he sits for it. I do think he is proud when I finish his feet, and he looks right! Great job in breeding Gunsmoke. Reuben is his father’s son. Can’t thank you enough. Even my chilly husband rolls around on the floor with this dog. “I didn’t think I could ever love a Poodle,” he says. Reuben also gets along with our toy dogs and our kitties. He has a strong prey drive, but knows how to be a good boy with our small animals. Can’t wait to start agility with him, maybe even some animal-assisted therapy in the hospital. He is very calm and affectionate with those who are sick or scared. You all are great, and we tell everyone where we got him. They ALL want to know.

Best wishes,
Vonnie Call and family.

Vonnie Call and family

Testimonial by Laurie

UPDATE: 9-2009

I have found my puppy soul mate!  I am so glad that I ran across your ad and I feel fortunate that I live close and could come check out your facilities and meet your dogs and pick out the perfect puppy.   Lady is the first standard poodle that has ever owned me and I could not be happier.  Please feel free to use me as a reference, I cannot speak highly enough of you, your daughter Wendy, your facility and, of course, my puppy!!!!

Laurie Seals
Staff Accountant
North Carolina Press Association
5171 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 364
Raleigh, NC  27612
Phone: 919.789.2089


Laurie Seals, Staff Accountant

Testimonial by Julie 2009-2010

Update: 1-31-2010

Hey Holley, Cameron and I just came in from a long walk in the snow with Ms. Sadie.  She loves the snow!!!  I told Hugh last night for the thousandth time how much I love this dog!!!  The best gift I will ever receive!  Every day is a joy with her.  I am teaching her lots of fun tricks and obedience stuff too. She is so smart.  I would love to sing your praises to anyone that will listen…so feel free to give my email.
Your friend,


Hey Holley, I cannot begin to thank you enough for bringing this beautiful baby to us.  She is the perfect addition to our family.  Hugh has fallen madly in love with her…as I knew he would!  She fell asleep in my arms last night, it was so sweet.  I find myself wanting to sit and hold her all day.  Like a new born baby.   It is pouring the snow here today and she loves playing in it.  Hugh is gone now to pick up our other surprise…I don’t see how she can compete?   We have changed “Megs” name again.  I think we have agreed on “Sadie” for sure.  Poor thing will be so confused.     Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again and tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you and hopefully we will see you again soon.  I am spreading the word quickly!  My mom is already begging for one! Ha!  
Talk to you soon.


Testimonial by Diana 11-2009


Dear Cindy,
I just want to tell you how truly wonderful you and your family are. Your level of commitment and love of the Standard Poodle shines and shows in all you do. You have devoted your life to sharing your joy of the Standard Poodle with all your customers. These wonderful dogs you breed bring special happiness to all who acquire them. Their family will be richer because of these wonderful dogs. Plus, just look at the name you chose for your kennel name, “Family Affair Standards”.
 Your words are so beautiful on your web site. The total family group photograph speaks volumes. Your Standard Poodles are part of your family. All the beautiful photographs of your daughter with the Poodles show the true love she feels for all of your incredible Standard Poodles. This total picture gives such a complete picture of real devotion to your Standard Poodles.
It is so apparent how hard you work to breed the very best Standard Poodle. You and your family are even on call twenty four hours a day every day of the year.
Your demonstration of beautiful Noel shows the epitome of what you have achieved. Noel is so well behaved, intelligent, polite, cheerful, gentle, beautiful conformation and a joy to behold. She exhibits what all breeders and customers want. She is an absolutely beautiful girl and such a perfect companion.
As you know, we have already had the joy of owning one of your incredible Standard Poodles. Baylee (born and adopted in 1996) was so sweet, good, gentle, wonderful personality, easy to train, super intelligent, excellent health, athletic, elegant and truly beautiful. Thank you so very much!
It is such an honor to know you. You are such a nice, warm and friendly family. You have found in life what you love and turned it into a wonderful business. Thank you so much for all you do and for our new little girl from Family Affair Standards, Molly!!!
Diane Kulik

Diane Kulik

Testimonial by Betsy 06-2009, 04-2010

Update: (4-2010)

Timmy is Super handsome and BIG. I can’t believe he’s as big as he is! He’s about 10 months and weighing in at 55 lbs! He out weights my Molly but she is all leg and still has a few inches on him.
Attached are a few different photos, some from tonight, some are from Easter weekend at the beach, and some from 2 months ago.
Hope all is well with ya’ll in NC!
Take Care,
Have a great weekend!


Hi all!!
Just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful and stinking adorable baby!! He arrived on time last night and looked like a little prince sitting up in his crate being wheeled around the airport. he laid on his back in my lap the whole drive home… too funny! He and Molly are getting along great!
Here are some pictures from and a flyer for the pet portrait paintings I do.
Have a great weekend!
Thanks again!



Testimonial by Edie

Update: 8-2009

Dear Cindy,

I  just wanted to drop you a note. Raleigh was a year old on Sunday. He has silvered out into a beautiful café au lait color. He is spirited but docile, intelligent, loving and the consummate clown. I can’t imagine my life without him. The day he learned to catch the Frisbee in midair was the proudest day of his life, and when we lost his eighteen-year-old angora cat, he was in mourning for a week. He is the most robust and healthy pet I have ever had. I would recommend your breeding facilities to anyone interested in this breed.
Please pass this along to Wendy.

Update: 11-2008


Raleigh at 12 weeks. He weighs 17 pounds. He knows sit, down, stay, and place. We are working on heel this week, and last night we learned to high five in about 3 minutes. He is incredibly intelligent, and sweet-natured. He adores my 12-year-old cocker spaniel, and with Raleigh in the house, Grover is fetching, playing, and more active than he has been for five years.
Thanks for a great dog!
Charleston, S.C.

Update: 9-2008

Dear Cindy,

My puppy’s name is Raleigh. I can’t begin to describe what a good puppy he is. He is sweet, calm, and very intelligent. I am completely sold on standards. I have had many breeds in my lifetime, and loved them all, but these guys are just different.
He has already started with an excellent trainer, and at nine weeks had mastered the sit command (took about ten minutes). He does “stay”, and “leave it” as well. We have our second training session today. The trainer is also very impressed with him.  We are taking him through advanced obedience, as both the trainer and I believe that his potential is unlimited. I plan to begin agility with him soon.
Please feel free to publish my comments in any advertising, and on your website.

Don’t get me wrong, – we have “puppy bursts”, and lots of enthusiastic playing, but it is easy to bring him back to complete calm. Pepper seemed pretty laid back when I met her. Raleigh will be deep-chested like his father, and has a broad, beautiful face. I am not good about taking pictures, but will try to get some this weekend and forward them.
Thanks for a great dog,
Charleston, S.C.

Edie Charleston, S.C.

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Pictures from a Stormy and Sebastian litter. Born 1994