TRUFFLES – Family Affair’s Yummy Truffles – Adopted

Retired & Adopted:
January 2013
Ryan and Michael
Tulsa, OK

We got Truffles all cleaned up, so I thought we’d send you a few more pics. We even got her nails painted this time! We are going to a parade tomorrow celebrating our local fire fighters, so we wanted her all gussied up. She’s still doing great.  We started obedience and she’s the star pupil!  She’s such a bright girl.  We just love her to pieces.
Hope you are doing well.

Truffles is doing great! She seems a little sad but she’s settling in and
she’s bonding really well with us! She’s snuggling on the couch and I’ve
gotten a couple kisses on the nose. 🙂
The beautiful Truffles! We love this girl so much!

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