CLOUD – Nordog’s Angelic White Cloud – Adopted

Retired and Adopted
January 2014
Katie Wilk
Tallahassee, FL

My daughters and I met you in Jacksonville and adopted Cloud.  Katie, as well as our entire family loves Cloud (renamed Maximus Cloud-nicknamed Maxie).  When Katie is home, Max loves playing with our 5 year old standard Gracie.  He gets along well with our rescue Caden as well.  She takes him everywhere she can and he loves that.  Right now they are in South Carolina where she is doing a nursing internship at an urgent care clinic.  She’s staying with my sister who lives on eight acres and Max loves running and playing there.  He is gentle and sweet with all animals, even my sisters cat.  He is potty trained, and has attended school where he has learned basic commands.  He is very much loved and is a wonderful best friend to Katie.  We laugh because we bought a crate but he never spent much time in it.  He prefers snuggling with her in bed.  He loves hugs and kisses too!  My husband and I are still missing our beloved Lexie and still longing for another poodle.  I have included some recent pictures of Max.  Thank you.  Kristine Wilk

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