PEACHES – Rusty’s Shaggy Peaches – Adopted

Retired & Adopted:
April 2012
Anthony and Joy Wagener
Alexandria, VA

Thought you guys would like to see how peaches is getting along. Joy bought
a new lounge chair and no sooner than she had set it up did our baby climb
right up!
She’s doing great- eating good and so lovable. A little shy still, but
really starting to come out of her shell.
Hope you guys are doing great. Tony

Hi Wendy and everybody. New picture of Ms, Peaches, being a love bug. She’s
an amazing dog and we just love her. Actually took her on vacation to the
outer banks this week and she LOVED the ocean!
Hope all is well with you guys. Love the new photos on your website. If you
ever retire any of peaches’ babies let us know 😉
Take care-
Tony and Joy

Thought we should post a photo of Peaches – We’ve had her for 8 months now and just love her! This was right before a grooming so she looks a little rough. She’s such a great dog and part of our family!’

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