“Roman” and “Russian” – Re-Home – AVAILABLE NOW! Located in Atlanta, GA – Area

Date of Birth: 10-16-19
For Information: Contact Jennifer

Here’s a little about them

Meet Roman and Russian

Both Roman and Russian are male standard poodles from same litter . Born October 16, 2019. Pippa and Francisco are the parents. Both are 50-55 pounds, both neutered,  all vaccines and dental cleaning up to date, house trained but spend most of their time in kenneled. Both are on a strict grooming schedule and love getting groomed. Both have been around small children since birth.

Roman – red with white spots. Roman is our trouble maker but super friendly and people pleaser. He chews on anything he can get his mouth on and likes to pull on leash when he gets excited during walks . Very high energy. Can answer to 4 commands from very early training

Russian-apricot/cream with white spots . Russian is very reserved. Leary of his own shadow but sweet dog. . Very laid back and calm. Loves people but try’s to avoid a lot of commotion. New owner will need to be very patient

Dogs are complete opposite but really compliment each other . That being said I would like for them to be adopted together with same owners . But not a requirement. They have been together since birth and I fear separating them will be tough.

New owner

If you want large lovable non-shedding dog and are willing to work on training them a little more, Roman and Russian  might just be for you! Because of their size, we are looking for an owner with a fenced back yard for them to stretch their legs or someone dedicated to walk them consistently . We would prefer an experienced middle aged couple that has time for them.
Like all poodles, they will need an owner who is dedicated to maintaining their coat with regular trips to the groomer (est $150-$200) per visit  and frequently brushing at home.