VELVET – Rebel’s Run Sterling Tip – Adopted

Retired & Adopted:
December 2011
Ronald & Pauline Meaut
Blythewood, SC

2012-3-2 This is Velvet. We adopted her in Dec.2011. She is an awesome girl, so loving and well mannered.
2012-5-4 Velvet (adopted in Dec.2011) when she visited her family in Florida. All got along well, thank goodness.
2012-8-1 Velvet chilling out!! We adopted her in Dec. 2011. She is a sweetheart.
2013-2-7 This  is Velvet. She is a sweetheart!
2013-4-17 We had a strange looking Bunny stop by on Easter. Her name is Velvet( Rebelsrun). Adopted from FASP. She is so great.
2013-7-27 This is Velvet (REBELS RUN). Adopted from FASP. She was visiting family in Fl. She is so sweet and laid back. A perfect fit for our family.

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