WILLOW……..Priceless Addition to our Family

Family Affair Great Lakes Willow is now 9 years old. She has been a wonderful family member and is loved by all she comes in contact with. Thank you Family Affair for the Knowledge, Love, Enthusiasm, Caring Attitudes and I could go on and on that you share with your 4 legged family as well as Us. Willow has traveled with us all the US. Her ‘sisters’ are English setters and my husband and son are in National Shoot to Retrieve Trials and no matter where we go, Willow is known and loved by everyone. She loves to retrieve anything and from any where. I, especially, am so grateful that in my year of searching for a standard I kept coming back to you, Family Affair. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gifts you give to others. ‘POODLES’ ARE GOD’S WAY OF PROVING THAT HE DIDNT WANT US TO WALK ALONE’

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