There are NO Words

We looked a VERY long time to find our perfect boy. Way too many places with poodles who are just wrong-dirty environments; asking what sex/color in advance (puppy mill). Seven years out, we are so in love with our boy. As we noted during our pre-purchase visit, the personalities of the poodles here are really noticeably sweet. We came from Florida to pick him up, BUT we saw him at four days old (traveling to visit family). These folks are SO honest; we wanted a brown boy, but even though brown at birth, they told us it could change (brown is a recessive gene). He stayed brown (as if we wouldn’t have taken him anyway!). We Love Him as does Everyone who meets him. Standards are rare in our area-the vets are smitten! When ready for our next (sometime in the future), there is no where else we would EVER consider than Family Affairs.

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