Testimonial from Andy and Whitney

Hi Wendy,
Cooper enjoyed the ride home.  Mostly slept and got to know the smells and comfort level of his owner’s lap and back seat.  He vomited a couple times, but he didn’t seem at all bothered.  He was a great travel companion.  No whining at all.  He loves the new place….even though it is in the city.  He helped me water our back patio garden when we got home and has really enjoyed getting to smell / explore our home.  When Whitney gets off tonight, we’ll be purchasing the kennel, some toys, food, etc.  My mom has already told us all the toys, foods, snacks, etc. to avoid with him.  We welcome the info.
Looking forward to introducing Cooper to the huge park across our street, Patterson Park.  He’ll have no shortage of things / people / places to explore – while on a leash – and will meet many new canine friends.
We will touch base with you once we take him to the veterinarian early next week.
I’ve attached a few pics of his ride home and first toy.
Thanks for a great buying experience!
Andy and Whitney Hutchens

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