Testimonial by Vonnie and Family

Update: 4-2010

Hi Cindy: Just wanted to let you know how much we love Reuben (Gunsmoke X Crackers). You were right – he has the most amazing personality. At seven months, he is loving and funny and sweet and adorable and so easy to train. He had his neuter with no problems – bounced right back. He is learning to walk beautifully on the leash. I give him lots of practice in our walks about 3Xday. He is always with us, but not in an annoying way. I groom him myself with my new Oster A5 Clippers. He has a gorgeous coat. We just got back from the mountains, and he had a great time running around up there. He also is developing a love of swimming in the creek near our house. He is a GREAT retriever who never wearies from fetching his “Chuk-It” frisbee! He is a blessing and joy to us, especially as we lost our dear lab girl finally after a long illness. Keep your eyes out for the next super special pup like Reuben.
Vonnie and Family


Hi Wendy,  Holley,  & Cindy

Reuben is ABSOLUTELY the light of our lives. He is athletic, agile, adorable, expressive, and gorgeous. Our recent fun is hiding his toys and then having him find them. He is so smart. His favorite toy is his Chuk-It Frisbee, but he knows the difference between “ball,” “ring,” “panda,” “chuk-it,” and “bone,” among other things. He knows each member of our family, and we can say “Go wake up William!” and he will run in and jump on his bed or Julia or whoever. I take him out into the woods every day to run and leap around and play in the stream. He has a great life and is an essential part of our family. I take him everywhere in the car with me, and he sits on the back seat like another kid. No one can believe he is only 1! By the way, he is HUGE: 72 lbs. and 27” at least. He is one of the biggest Standards I have ever seen, which is fun. I groom him myself and though it is not his favorite activity, he sits for it. I do think he is proud when I finish his feet, and he looks right! Great job in breeding Gunsmoke. Reuben is his father’s son. Can’t thank you enough. Even my chilly husband rolls around on the floor with this dog. “I didn’t think I could ever love a Poodle,” he says. Reuben also gets along with our toy dogs and our kitties. He has a strong prey drive, but knows how to be a good boy with our small animals. Can’t wait to start agility with him, maybe even some animal-assisted therapy in the hospital. He is very calm and affectionate with those who are sick or scared. You all are great, and we tell everyone where we got him. They ALL want to know.

Best wishes,
Vonnie Call and family.

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