Testimonial by Theodore


Dear Wendy;
Hi,  It’s been just a bit over two years ago since Samantha (Sam), the café au lait female puppy that you whelped and raised became, at 7 weeks, so very much a part of my life.  What joy she brings me every day, for she is the most docile, intelligent, and well behaved dog that I have ever been privileged to become a companion with.  Your careful breeding, kind human contact, puppy training, and mini housebreaking cabins are no doubt responsible for this effect on Sam’s upbringing and exceptionally good manners.  I just cannot thank you enough. I am considering a companion for Samantha in the very near future and you may rest assured that your kennel will be my first and only choice.
Thank you again.
Theodore J. Cool Jr.
Newport News, VA

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