Testimonial by Tammy

Wendy, we purchased our white male “Jonah” I believe in April-May 2014.
Jonah parents I believe are Winter and White Cloud. We live in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
We viewed Jonah from a slide show/video on your web site after another one
of our Veterinarian friends from W.V. suggested you and has one of your white
puppies I think from the same parents.
We also have a 7 year black female and the two dogs are best buddies! We
couldn’t be happier or love more this perfect dog! My husband is a
Veterinarian in Ft. Wayne and we are always having people asked where we got
Jonah. Just wanted you to see how pampered, loved and happy one of your
puppies lives!
Thank you for such an incredible puppy!
Tammy Rodgers

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