Testimonial by Russell, Kari and Luna


Luna is nearly a year old now and has proven to be an energetic loving
member of the family. When she is up she is non stop and when she is down
she is loving and trusting like no other. She weighs just shy of 55 lbs.
she recently graduated from Canine Good Citizen class and really performed
well throughout all her obedience classes. She requires at least two walks a
day and reminds you often if for what ever reason you fall short of 2 walks.
She has great hunting instincts and a nose like a bloodhound, something our
last poodle never had. Her spaying and removal of the umbilical hernia went
smoothly. She is a big beautiful dog who receives compliments where ever we
go for her unusual markings.
Thank you for breeding such a great dog and we are blessed to have found
All the best,
Russell, Kari and Luna

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