Testimonial by Robin

I hope you are doing well.  As Chase is now one year of age, I thought you would enjoy an update.  He is doing very well.  He is handsome, happy, and healthy.  We love taking daily long walks and playing together.  He is very intelligent and enjoys learning.  Chase loves the water in all its forms.  Rain and storms do not bother him in the least.  His ultimate pleasure, however, is the snow.  He enjoys the snow more than any dog I have ever known, which is great for my husband as he now has a snow buddy. From a very young pup to around six months he attended weekly puppy daycare classes at Holiday Barn Pet Resorts, which allowed him to “run with the pack” and develop awesome social skills.  He delights in being around all sorts of people and dogs.

 Chase is a true joy and I thank you for such a wonderful dog!


Robin Sandridge

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