Testimonial by Rena and John Sproston

August 02, 2009

Hi to all of you from Rena and John Sproston,
Hope you remember us. We adopted Dixie, whose father is Gunsmoke and her mom is Noel. We’re from Wake Forest. You referred to Dixie as “the little red one.” Anyway, Dixie is a free spirit and a very happy and energetic puppy! Right now she is 47 lbs and 24 inches high at 6 months. Dixie loves to scamper around and play with Harleigh, our 7 yr. old blue standard. We are trying to guess what size Dixie will be when she is full grown. Thank you for such a loving and affectionate puppy! We hope that you and all your animals are doing well. Rena, John, Dixie, and Harleigh

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