Testimonial by Laurie & Remy


Just a quick note to say Hi. Bryce and I took 2 horses and of course the 2 Poodles and we are camping this weekend in Lake Wales FL.  Attached is Remy standing outside the horse trailer.
To answer a few questions, yes Remy is good size but not oversized. I believe she is right around 50lbs not sure how tall she is though. I will try to remember to measure her at some point. We have started her Agility training and the first session she was very fearful and unsure of things but within the next 2 lessons she was charging the A frame (at full height) as well as walking briskly (not trotting just yet) over the dog walk. The tunnels are still hit or miss but on the other hand she is a HUGE jumper, and I can honestly say that taking jumps is pure joy for her. I have a small agility course set up at the house and we work a little each day. On Monday we have a 1 hour private Agility lesson with a really super trainer, Gail Waller. Gail LOVES Remy and thinks she is going to make an exceptional agility trial dog. Tues. nights Maddie Jolie is working in obedience and then Wed night both girls attend an agility group class, and then finally on Thurs evening it is Remy’s turn again for another agility class. In Jan. I will try to once again start her in Obedience as I would like to try to show her at PCA this spring in both agility and obedience.  The first time we tried obedience Remy had a difficult time with it and very quickly got bored with all the other ill behaved dogs (she is very very good and very obedient but she still has to learn the basics to be able to compete.)
So that is the news from FL. I will try to keep you updated on our training progress.
Hope your Thanksgiving was happy and the Christmas Holidays are full of blessings for all of you.
Warmest Regards,
Laurie & Remy Cosette

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