Testimonial by Kathy Moore

It has been 2 weeks since this little stubborn, bullheaded, insistent, loving, sweet adorable boy has joined our family! I am so in love!

Now, let me tell you, this little demon has “un-potted” about 10 plants, drug every dog bed out of the crates, has decided he is too big for his play pen and has to sleep by Frank (that is being tolerated by the big white boy!)! So far, so good! LOL Has been using the dog doors since the 2nd day he was here and hasn’t had an accident in the house for over a week!!! Yeah!

The boy has absolutely no patience! ? At meal time, he starts to bark and talk until he gets his bowl! Tried to tell him he is low little dude, he does not agree!

Yes, he already thinks he is 6′ tall and bullet proof! He is definitely a keeper!

This picture is “the herd” running for supper! Look who is in the middle!

I cannot thank you enough for sending this holy terror our way! ❤

Kathy Moore

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