Testimonial by Jeanne and Wes

Family Affair Standards Poodles,
Our first poodle had recently gone to heaven and we really felt the void.  We decided we wanted another poodle and after extensive research, my husband found your website and he immediately contacted you.  My husband spoke to Wendy and she told us that Sparkles  – mom and dad Sterling just had a litter of “silver” puppies on 10/29/13 and since we only live about 2 1/2 hours from you we took a trip.  The two week old puppies were all cuddled together in their own immaculate little house along with their mom watching over them.  We were very impressed with the facilities and felt we had found the right place.  We had to wait until they were six weeks old before we could make our choice, so four weeks later we took another trip and picked her out.  On December 29, we picked up Kaylee and brought her home.  She will turn 2 years old in a few weeks and after each grooming she turns more and more silver.  She is very, very smart, an excellent watch dog, wonderful personality and is being trained as my husband’s service dog.   My husband and I often say that if we had a dollar for every person that stops us to say how beautiful she is, we would be very rich right now.  We stay in touch with Wendy and are thrilled for her and her husband for the arrival of their sweet baby boy.  We highly recommend Family Affair!
Jeanne and Wes Westfall

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