Testimonial by Gail

Hi Wendy,

Cara Mia is a vivacious, energetic rascal.  She loves to steal items and hoard them behind the couch.  She wants me to know she has them and then runs.   I have a German Shepherd/Chow, Isaac, that is thirteen.   He will scold her when she gets too rambunctious, and then kiss her.    I also have a 12 yr old Golden Retriever, Josie.

Josie is too patient with Mia, and sometimes I have to put Mia in ‘time out’ for awhile.

She has really brightened the older dogs up, though.  It has been good for them.

Mia has a “big girl” hair-do now.   She went to obedience training in Oct. 2009. We are still working on that every day.   Sometimes she is very good, and then………..she definitely has her own agenda.

Well, I hope everything is going well for you.   I will send some more pictures when I take some.   I sure do love her and she really has helped my heart to heal from losing TEA.

Thanks again, Wendy.
Gail K. Amy

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