Testimonial by Emily


Thank you for giving me my puppy. You guys were all great, so nice. What a well-run, happy poodle farm you’ve created! I get complements on Echo all the time- so it’s not just me saying he is beautiful, graceful, calm, and smart. I’m going to have him as a therapy dog; they won’t test until a puppy is 1, but Echo’s a sure pass already. I’m so glad I stumbled across Family Affair, that’s really what happened, we were driving through North Carolina, and I found an advert website on my phone. I don’t know how I’d be making it without him. He definitely didn’t come potty trained (I read some of the letters people have sent you today, and showed Echo pictures of his mom and dad and siblings) but he came with a personality and good looks, so I was in love with him and therefore willing to forgive his imperfections. I miss him terribly every minute we are apart (I had no idea I could love and admire a dog this much- wow- I’m one of those people). Echo comes everywhere with me, motor-boating, bike riding, sledding, many beach expeditions and long car rides.  I open the door and say “hop in” and he knows that we’re going somewhere fun (even though we usually aren’t). He waits patiently while I go into shops and classes. He’s 55lbs now, and he doesn’t mind me carrying him on my hip like a child. That’s something people don’t see too often. He tolerates petting and hugs from mobs of toddlers as well as the Muppet he so closely resembles. I’m so lucky to be the owner of one of the best poodles ever to grace this planet, and I’m greatly appreciative to you and your family for organizing his creation and taking care of him as a baby ? You can trust that he is in a home as loving and happy, social, and entertaining, as he could wish for.
Thanks again!

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