Testimonial by Elizabeth


Hello Wendy,
Sam was from Rusty’s very last litter.  I got first choice of the male puppies and he picked me.  He is now 2 years old.  Just wanted to send you a picture of him and an update of how he is doing.  He is 70 lbs. and very healthy and happy.  We quickly discovered that he was insanely intelligent…he rings a bell to go outside and we didn’t even have a chance to teach him this, as soon as we hung the bell from the door he knew exactly what to do.  I know I am partial but he is absolutely the most beautiful dog I have ever seen!  He gets 2 long walks a day at the local park which includes long runs in a a large open field.  He loves everyone and every creature….he has been deemed the park mascot!  He instinctively knows to be gentle with small children and loves them to pieces.  We take him almost everywhere with us…he is well behaved in all situations and loves attention from anyone that wants to stop and say hello to him.  He has brought so much joy to our lives. I had always wanted a Standard Poodle and understand now that having one in your life is unique to most other breeds.
Please use me as a reference if you like.  I am willing to answer any questions that someone considering one of your dogs would have and can attest to the health and temperament that I have experienced from our companion.
Elizabeth Almanza


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