Testimonial by Ed

Good morning Wendy,
I thought that I would send you a couple of pictures that were recently taken of Riona.  The pictures were taken on Riona’s first mountain trail hike with me.  She loves hiking in the nearby mountains and is always ready to go out with me.  She has adjusted well to Spain and has no trouble understanding the Spanish spoken by the local dogs.  She is very clever and smart – a joy to have as a companion.  She has also adjusted well to our three cats and we see them often chasing each other around the house area.
She particularly enjoys hiking up the hill behind our house and is like a mountain goat as she jumps from boulder to boulder.  She is an “outdoor girl!”  I hope that all is well back there with you and your family.
Blessing to all of you,
Ed Ratigan

Good afternoon Wendy,
A picture taken this afternoon of Riona sunbathing by the pool.  She remains
a lovely pet and member of our family.
God bless,
Ed Ratigan – Spain

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