Testimonial by Diana 11-2009


Dear Cindy,
I just want to tell you how truly wonderful you and your family are. Your level of commitment and love of the Standard Poodle shines and shows in all you do. You have devoted your life to sharing your joy of the Standard Poodle with all your customers. These wonderful dogs you breed bring special happiness to all who acquire them. Their family will be richer because of these wonderful dogs. Plus, just look at the name you chose for your kennel name, “Family Affair Standards”.
 Your words are so beautiful on your web site. The total family group photograph speaks volumes. Your Standard Poodles are part of your family. All the beautiful photographs of your daughter with the Poodles show the true love she feels for all of your incredible Standard Poodles. This total picture gives such a complete picture of real devotion to your Standard Poodles.
It is so apparent how hard you work to breed the very best Standard Poodle. You and your family are even on call twenty four hours a day every day of the year.
Your demonstration of beautiful Noel shows the epitome of what you have achieved. Noel is so well behaved, intelligent, polite, cheerful, gentle, beautiful conformation and a joy to behold. She exhibits what all breeders and customers want. She is an absolutely beautiful girl and such a perfect companion.
As you know, we have already had the joy of owning one of your incredible Standard Poodles. Baylee (born and adopted in 1996) was so sweet, good, gentle, wonderful personality, easy to train, super intelligent, excellent health, athletic, elegant and truly beautiful. Thank you so very much!
It is such an honor to know you. You are such a nice, warm and friendly family. You have found in life what you love and turned it into a wonderful business. Thank you so much for all you do and for our new little girl from Family Affair Standards, Molly!!!
Diane Kulik

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