Testimonial by Dennis and Donna


Dear All:
Dennis and I would like to thank you for bringing Penny (Family Affair’s Princess Anastasia Penny) into our lives.  The set up that you have there appears to be ideal, and your knowledge of the dogs allowed you to pick the absolutely perfect pup for our needs. I would stress to anybody who want to buy from you, to go ahead and tell you every single detail about what they want as far as temperament – you really know your dogs!
Also, your advice was priceless.  As you suggested, we did not take her anywhere right away.  She was initially very clingy but is really loosening up. We stayed home Friday, Saturday and Sunday with no visitors.  On Monday, Penny met my 20 month old granddaughter, stuck by her all day, and allowed her to pet and hug at will.  Penny is also calm with the cats, and the three of them feel safe in the same room as the dog and walk right up to touch noses.  Our youngest cat wants to play, but changes his mind when Penny plays back, as Penny’s size is somewhat overwhelming.
On Tuesday we ventured out to the vets and today to the groomers.  Having a few quiet days under her belt allowed her to deal with these new situations with ease.  She also does well in the car, and as I told you before, is completely housebroken, a really pleasant surprise. She sleeps in a crate in our bedroom, and easily makes it through the night. In addition, she walks very well on a leash and already plays fetch.
Her coat, when trimmed, turned out to be the richest mahogany color, absolutely stunning.  And the longish hair still has the red blonde highlights.  I’ve attached before and after grooming pictures.  You can see how proud she is of her new hairdo! There is also another picture of when she first arrived and was still adjusting from being away from all of you. You can actually see her adjust as each day goes by!
Thank you again, and feel free to us as a reference.
Dennis and Donna Mellon

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