Testimonial by David and Diane


Hi CindyWe picked up a chocolate pup from you back in May – one of Kisses and
Cowboy’s last litter – born on March 17th. Here he is at 7 months. I owe
you a letter of recommendation. To tell you the truth – I was waiting to see
how he would turn out before writing the letter. You told us he would be a
hand full when we picked him up – and he has been. You also said he would be
a good dog – and he is. I’ll send you that letter soon and some more
pictures.His name is Rafael and we call him Rafe pronounced with a long a. We love
him and give him a good home. He is quite the traveler. He has been to
Colorado twice and Michigan once.We had a chocolate once before and he was a hand full too. Our last two
poodles were black and easy to handle. I suppose we didn’t realize that
personality in poodles can be predicted by color. We are glade we have Rafe.
He is extremely smart and will be a very good dog. He is quite the looker
and we get compliments on him where ever we go.
Thanks for a great dog and –
Best to you
David and Diane

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