Testimonial by Christine

Dear Wendy,
I just want to touch base with you regarding our red standard boy puppy from Autumn and Clifford’s litter (11/28/15). We have named him Family Affair’s The Yorktown General “Patton”. His call name is Patton, and he will be 4-months old already next week. At his last vet check-up he was 18.2 lbs. We take him in for his final round of puppy vaccines on the 30th, so I could easily see him weigh maybe a little over 20-pounds? He is sure growing up happy and healthy!
Thank you for the great record keeping of our pups health and vaccine history. It helps us remember when, exactly, things happened from the time of his birth (vaccinations, nail trims, antibiotic info., grooming, etc.).
I’m attaching some photos of Patton, his face is so expressive, is really curios about everything, and has such a funny personality. He is a smart little puppy, and has learned many basic commands and tricks already. We can’t wait to get him involved in obedience and agility training. He is a real little trooper, and he wears his name proudly, like a big General! We are so happy to have him in our lives.
I have some questions as well… I noticed on your website that you have a section for “Testimonials,” and was wondering if this is the most updated information? How can others add to maybe share information? To see my puppy’s litter mates? Or to add photos of the best little puppy we have ever had? I gladly give my consent to share my experiences with Family Affairs Stand Poodles and any pictures of our beautiful red male puppy.
Thank you, Wendy, again, for your time, and for providing us such a sweetheart of a puppy.
Kindest regards,
Christine Giddens

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