Testimonial by Bill Neil


Hello Wendy!

Just thought you might enjoy a recent photo of the little black poodle we adopted 2 years ago.  He’s doing great, loves the country, and we love him dearly as well.  At some point we’d like to adopt a friend for Bear, but until Charlotte and I retire, one dog is about all we can handle. I hope all goes well with you these days, and that you continue to bless others with your marvelous pups!
Bill Neil
William Neil, Organist
National Symphony Orchestra &
The National Presbyterian Church
Washington, DC


Hi Wendy,
A few pics for your file.  Bear’s doing great, he’s taken over here, has really broken out of his shell, no longer a shy guy.  Monday’s vet check was perfect.  The doctor was extremely impressed with his immunization records.
Have a great day!

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