Testimonial by Bill and Teri

Hi Wendy!!
We are loving this new baby, as are all 10 of our grandkids…picture just shows one of them… J ..Anyway, after losing the last poodle 8 yr old baby, we are very apprehensive of everything.  We have an appointment to go back to our previous vet for Shiloh’s first visit (and consistent with your contract) on Thursday, April 19th at 1:00.  However, knowing this, we were wondering what vaccination schedule and shots you feel and know your dogs do best on.  We would like to compare to what our vet is recommending.  As you and your family has been raising poodles for almost 25 years, we trust your experience and would like to have your experience, education and expertise as a point of reference when talking to our family vet.
We loved and cared for our beloved poodle we lost in February, and tried to provide him all the best care, but feel we weren’t as educated as we should have been with him perhaps through his life.  Now with this new baby, we feel we are on the up curve and respect all the advice you can provide.
So, if you could, we would appreciate what you feel is the schedule for vaccinations for your puppies through adulthood.  We would also like to know what you feel or think about how may vaccinations should be given at one time, what you would recommend for flea and tick treatment and what/feel about dental cleanings.
We soooo love and appreciate the baby, he is doing so well.  And we very much appreciate any feedback we can get from you.. Particularly, for the babies (Shiloh’s) first visit on Thursday.  We expect him to be nothing but healthy, but we are concerned about vaccines or treatments  he may not need.  Your schedule would be appreciated!!
We love this baby like he was yours!!
Thank you
Bill & Teri Phillips

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