Testimonial by Betsy 06-2009, 04-2010

Update: (4-2010)

Timmy is Super handsome and BIG. I can’t believe he’s as big as he is! He’s about 10 months and weighing in at 55 lbs! He out weights my Molly but she is all leg and still has a few inches on him.
Attached are a few different photos, some from tonight, some are from Easter weekend at the beach, and some from 2 months ago.
Hope all is well with ya’ll in NC!
Take Care,
Have a great weekend!


Hi all!!
Just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful and stinking adorable baby!! He arrived on time last night and looked like a little prince sitting up in his crate being wheeled around the airport. he laid on his back in my lap the whole drive home… too funny! He and Molly are getting along great!
Here are some pictures from and a flyer for the pet portrait paintings I do.
Have a great weekend!
Thanks again!


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