Testimonial by Becky


Last night Polly and I took the CGC test and she passed with flying colors! What a joy this dog is!  One of our instructors found out that she was only 11 months old and was shocked. Polly did the best out of our whole class and she was the youngest by far.  We’ll be taking a beginner agility class in January. I think she’ll love that because she’s very athletic. She’ll fetch all day long and loves to go jogging with me.
Thank you for adding such joy to our family.

Update: (6-2014)

I can’t believe Polly is already 6 months old! She got spayed last week and is doing so well.  We start Advanced Obedience this week and then we’ll try for her CGC title ?   She’s such a love bug. She’s doing very well overcoming her timidness and we work with her on it daily. She loves going to new places and LOVES all dogs! She has such fun at the dog park and her best buddies are a Great Dane and a boxer! ?  She runs and runs and runs! She is always sad when it’s time to leave.  Here are a few pictures we took of her this week. I thought you might like to see how pretty she is. I’m having so much fun grooming her….just don’t look too closely at my lines… I’m still learning.  LOL
Thanks again for such a wonderful girl.  Not a day goes by that we’re not grateful to have found such a love bug.
? Becky Miller

As Polly approaches her 12 week birthday, I thought I’d let you know how our little girl is doing.  She was a breeze to potty train and only had 3 accidents the first week and a half and no accidents since!  She sleeps all the way through the night in her crate by my bed.  She loves the daycare kids and doesn’t mind their loud noises (but they’re separated by a baby gate during the day until she gets a little older. She visits the little ones for small amounts of time now.
We take her everywhere with us.  We snuck her into my mom’s quilt meeting last week and she got to ride the elevator (pic #1).  She didn’t mind it a bit and loved giving all the quilt ladies kisses.  She went through the car wash with me yesterday. I held her in my lap and gave her treats through it and she did really well.
I’ve been working on grooming her for about 10 minutes each day since she got home and now she’s a champ with the clippers!  She even laid still enough the other day for me to paint her toe nails (pic #3). ?  She is playful but luckily tires out after an hour or so.
Here she is, a few weeks ago, waiting for her dinner…
I work on training with her several times a day and she waits at the open door now until we say “Okay”, she sits, “watch me”, and comes (unless she’s feeling cheeky) when called.  We have our 2nd puppy class today so we’ll work on practicing those skills with lots of distractions.
We just love her to bits and the kids can’t wait to get off the bus in the afternoon so they can see her.
I know this is long winded, and you all stay so busy but I just wanted to let you know how happy we all are and how much we love Polly.  We continue to sing your praises anytime anyone asks us “Where did you find a Standard Poodle?!” ?
Thank you so much!!

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