Testimonial by Barrett


Hi Wendy,
I bought three silver poodles (2 boys, 1 girl) from you WAY back in 2006, but I have been meaning to write you ever since.
Every time I take a picture of my poodles – I think that I need to send one to you.  I ended up taking both boys.  One who I call “Tony” and who you called “Moose” (he’s Thomas to me) after my dad decided he couldn’t take care of him anymore.
Moose has always been big.  I have to keep him on a special diet and walk him 1-2 miles a day.  But he is hands down the sweetest and most lovable of the three I got from you.  Still, that is not saying much because Tony (who you said was the best of the litter) is absolutely and completely devoted to me.  He is also a singer.  There are a few songs and TV anthems that will set him off howling!  I don’t know much about the girl (Gabby) because my sister has her, but she looks JUST like Tony only the girl version. Thomas is overweight… but in truth he looks more like a Lab than Poodle (which I LOVE).   Those are hardly problems.  Tony and Thomas are the love of my life.  Thank you for creating them and letting them be a part of my life.

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