Testimonial by Audrey

Update: (10-2013)

Hi every one,
Fall is upon us and Willow and Lacey are now inseparable sisters.  Every day we love Willow more and more!
In the first picture, Willow just wanted to run with her cousins and sister.
2nd…enjoying the campfire at Burt Lake Campground
3rd….trying on her ‘winter coat’
4th….’I can jump up on the camper couch now
5th…  Mom and I are on the break-wall at Lake Michigan and I’m looking for salmon!
6th…We’re at the end of the break-wall watching the car ferry leaving for Wis.
7th….camping at the Traverse City Campground
She loved all of our camping trips and is so in-tuned to what she is expected to do.  She is such a great traveler.
Jimmy went hunting in North Dakota last week and Willow and I had time to ourselves.  She is my co-pilot with her safety belt on.  We love to go for walks along Lake Michigan and she is a HIT !  She is a perfect lady when walking….I make her COME SIT and STAY when cars or people are around…….the consistency is important but she is improving with each day.   We are constantly working on those commands as well as LEAVE IT and DOWN and HEEL……Willow knows what is expected of her and she can get a real ‘devilish look’ in those gorgeous eyes when she wants to ‘test’ me……..as I do believe that all of your ‘babies’ are extremely smart.
It’s really cute when I play your puppy videos and turn up the volume……..she sits up and looks with her ‘cocked head’ telling me “I know those & voices”
I’m so happy and proud to share Willows experiences with you……I know that you enjoy knowing she has a good home….you may share any information/pictures………ENJOY
Audrey and Family

Update: (8-2013)

Hi everyone!!!!!
Just a few more pictures to update you on our family’s fun times with Willow and Lacey !!!
Jim and Brian (our son) ran in the National Shoot to Retrieve Trial in Hudson IN over the weekend.
Lacey and Blazer (Brian’s English pointer pup 11 months old) placed in the middle of the pack.  Willow continues to be a joy and adopts to anything.
As you can see we had 4 kennels, 4 dogs and we camped on the trial ground.  Willow was a pro!!!!!  She loved chasing the butterflies!!!!  She has almost outgrown her small kennel so she’ll be sleeping next to our bed from now on!
She is at l6 lbs.  I gave her a bath today cuz she had chocolate highlights due to the dirt she loved playing in at the trial.  Stood her on the laundry room counter and blow-dried her…….she was so relaxed during it all.
Enjoy the pics…..if you ever want to published on fb , I don’t care!

Update: (8-2013)

Hi Family Affair…..words just can’t express the joy that Tapango and Gunsomke have afforded us with their offspring we named Willow.  She is an excellent camper as well as trying to help the ‘expert bird dogs’ in their training.    In our last camping trip at Burt Lake State Park MI, we had campers ask to take her picture.  Several campers noted her excellent personality as they watched  us on our daily run…(un-be-known to us).    The first week she was home she has been completely potty trained.  She has learned the 5 doors that go outside and will go to any one of them and ‘bark’!   Since her first vet visit (July 15, 2013) at which she weighed in at 11 lbs. to her last vet visit (Aug. 5, 2013) she has gained 5 lbs. (She’s at 16 lbs.  )   I am sending a video next……too much for this email.   Thank you for sharing your LOVE!


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