Date of Birth: 4-13-92
Date of Death: 12-9-09

Sprite was such a special Westie.  She was sweet, loyal and adored me like crazy. I got her when I was 8 years old. She used to run by me on by bike and pull my feet off the pedals so that I couldn’t leave without her.  She slept right across my head on my pillow every night. If she was allowed to go with me she went, even on some vacations and spending summers with relatives. I even had my wedding portrait taken with her. We had a long lasting bond that just couldn’t be broken. We were only briefly separated my first semester of college (I came home 3 times to visit) and I moved off campus so she could come with me because we were both miserable. She would sit up on her rear and beg for food for minutes at time. She was so special that my future in laws asked to watch her just so they could take her to get vanilla ice cream while Blake and I were on dates. She left her paw print on the heart of everyone who met her. From customers to relatives and friends, they all felt she was so special and always remembered her. We even had memorial service for her so everyone could come to say good bye and share Sprite stories. I miss her everyday but I know I will see her again.