Canine and Human Gentleman of Family Affair Standard Poodles

Male Members of Family Affair Standards

Your “Standard Poodle” is your friend, your partner, your defender. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. – Unknown

Below the ROSE you will find pictures and information on all of our Canine Gentlemen.

This page is an introduction to the Gentlemen of Family Affair Standards, both Canine and Human.

Just like our name states, this is a “FAMILY AFFAIR.”

First you will meet the human, hard working of Gentlemen of Family Affair Standards. Next you will meet our canine Gentlemen in living color and view their slide shows, pedigrees, height, weight and any testing results.

Hard working Gentlemen who make up Family Affair Standard Poodles

We have two amazing human GENTLEMEN who are the backbone of FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARDS. You may or may not meet or talk to these two GENTLEMEN but I can assure you without these two GENTLEMEN, we would not have a FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARD POODLES business. They are kind enough to put up with us and our all night puppy deliveries. When they call home and ask “What’s for supper?” The silence, chuckle or stressful sigh on the other end, lets them know they are on their own for supper or maybe have to wait until midnight to eat. They deal with cancelled plans because a sweet mom decides she just has to have her puppies right then! MOST of the time our GENTLEMEN do all of this in stride and without a complaint and sometimes even with a smile! I assure you, their moral support is not something we LADIES take for granted.

Blake, my husband, as you probably have already read, is the love of my life. Of course, he is my favorite GENTLEMAN here at FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARD POODLES. On July 28, 2015 we welcomed our bouncing baby boy, named Dustin Blake Sauls. So at that time we decided for Blake to take on all the responsibility of our home and he become a stay at home dad. Blake can be found cleaning, cooking, washing clothes and his favorite duty, taking wonderful care of Dustin when I am unable to do so. Even when I am able, he is right by my side helping. Clearly, we are a team. He never ceases to amaze me when it comes to his gentle, tender heart towards our newborn baby, a puppy struggling to live or a mama while she’s delivering her puppies.

Before he became a dad, he did a lot of our grooming prior to Darlene starting with us on a full time basis. He kept all of our water troughs, tubs and pools clean and disinfected. Blake helped with the mowing, weed eating and other lawn maintenance. Unlike my daddy, Blake was raised in the city. I am sure as a young man he never dreamed he would be working full time putting up fences, taking care of a mini farm or grooming a Standard Poodle. Not only has he hung right in there and learned a lot from my daddy, he truly loves his new farm life. Blake will still runs errands like picking up dog food and other supplies if needed. He will also transport a puppy to the airport to be shipped and does a lot of our personal regional puppy deliveries as well. In 2014 Blake became EMS certified, which has come in handy occasionally here at the farm and in our home.

Blake is a very soft spoken, quiet and mellow blessing in my life. Simple things we do together bring certain tranquility to my life that I have come to treasure. I cannot imagine loving any one more and I thank God every day for blessing me with a husband and an amazing father to our son, like Blake.

My daddy, David, is the leader of the Family and the foundation of our farm Arrowhead Acres, the home of FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARD POODLES. He is has spent several years being a builder so his expertise in the construction of our facility has been irreplaceable. His hands have touched every fence post, shingle, nail and painted wall on the property. He says he is going to write a new country song called “THE POOP SCOOP BOOGIE. I can’t wait to hear that! You will occasionally see him doing a two-step dance step while singing this tune. He brings a sense of humor to everything he does.

My daddy is very out spoken and a little loud sometimes. He is very driven and sometimes forgets to slow down and enjoy life. But on the other hand my daddy has always loved babies of any kind and the puppies are no exception. Quite often we find him holding a newborn or talking to an older puppy while giving them a pat on the head or a big bear hug. He also has a soft spot in his heart for our grown canine LADIES and GENTLEMEN, and shares the bed with Noel, his and mama’s red Standard Poodle.

Luckily for my dad, we have been able to bring on two amazing young men who have taken over the very difficult and labor intensive duties that my he did in the beginning. You will read more about Zack and Cody below. My dad has gone back to his passion of driving a truck for a great company out of Wilson, NC, S.T. Wooten.

The twelve rolling acres, called Arrowhead Acres, located in Spring Hope, North Carolina is a long awaited dream come true for my mama and daddy. They agreed in 2006 to let their dream be the permanent home for FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARD POODLES. In 2012 Arrowhead Acres became our home as well. With the financial help of Blake’s mom and my daddy’s ever present physical labor, we were able to move our mobile home from Clayton N.C. to my parents’ property. Blake and I are very thankful for our parents. Without their support thru the years, our life would have been much more difficult.

There is another GENTLEMAN that played a big part in the construction of the FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARD POODLES facility. Before my sister Holley decided to return to showing horses, my brother-in-law Brian could always be counted on to help when there was manual labor to be done. He worked long, late hours until a job was complete, unless of course he was granted a “hall pass” to ride his Harley. Brian puts on an air that he is not interested in the Poodles, but we know different and have caught him many times in the act of cuddling our Standard adults and babies! He loves the puppies too! He and my daddy would sometimes disappear for a couple of hours leaving us to tend to the canine members of our family and a while they will walk out on the back porch and yell, letting us know that our dinner is ready. We make our way to the house and walk into a meal of grilled chicken, steak or ribs with all the fixings.

One thing about all three of the GENTLEMEN mentioned above is they bring a sense of humor and laughter to FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARD POODLES. We can count on any one of the three to make us smile. Of course they are men and we are women, so they will make us cry from time to time. Me, my mom and my sister love these three GENTLEMEN with all our hearts and feel very blessed to have them as our partners in life.

I would also like to introduce you to a couple of young GENTLEMEN here at FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARD POODLES who are dear to my heart. My little brother Luke and nephew Scott have always lent a helping hand. They love working with their daddies. They are like little men taking all the responsibilities assigned to them quite seriously. Scott and Luke both got shot guns for Christmas a few years ago in hope of training some of our FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARD POODLES for retriever trials. They both love to hunt with my daddy. Now that Scott is a teenager he works right along side with his dad at the tire shop he owns, Woodruff Tire, and can be seen driving a tractor around their farm. Luke has become a great helper here on our farm. When anybody needs a helping hand he is the one that always volunteers first. Luke can also be found out in the maintenance shop helping his dad change oil in our vehicles and farm equipment and sharping the blades for the lawn tractors. We never know what they will be into next. They are their daddies’ sons right down to the core! These two little GENTLEMEN add spice and adventure to our lives and just like their older counter parts, they make us laugh.

Cody started off being part of our weekend crew. But he did such a good job we offered him a full time position which he graciously accepted. He keeps all of our water troughs, tubs and pools clean and disinfected. Our Standard adults have free feeding available at all times and Cody keeps all the feeders clean and inspected for bugs as well as keeping them filled with feed. Cody is our “Head Poop Scooper” He is keeps all of our large grassy play areas and all of our gravels runs clean. This is not a hard job to do, but a hard job to do well! It takes up a lot of time. Cody helps Zack in the well care of our horses and keeps the stalls and barn clean.

Well you have now met each member of this FAMILY AFFAIR. I hope it will help you to see all the hard work, dedication, and love that go into a FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARD POODLE puppy.

Canine Gentlemen of Family Affair Standard Poodles

We have, through research, carefully chosen the canine GENTLEMEN of Family Affair Standard Poodles.  Our first priorities in the process of selecting our GENTLEMEN, are health and temperament history.  We concentrated on the two conformations of Standard Poodles. We have the daintier fine lined show-type Standard Poodle puppies as well as the heavier boned, stocky, older hunting/retriever lines. We use our GENTLEMEN at Family Affair Standard Poodles to combine these two conformation types to produce a superb well-rounded standard poodle puppy for your newest family member.

The Standard Poodle Club of America is, of course, made up of humans.  They are pretty special, amazing and dedicated humans. They write the standards for the breed, and the standard has to some extent changed the original look and purpose of the Standard Poodle. We use this standard to pick and choose our GENTLEMEN purchased or kept for breeding but we sacrifice some control of the EXACT AKC SHOW LOOK and select for more random qualities of beauty, temperament and health. Our primary goal is to enrich the very small gene bank of the Standard Poodle pedigrees, which is and will continue to be the best weapon against genetic disorders.  The preceding statements may raise some eyebrows and ruffle some feathers.  It might even become a topic on Poodle Forum, but we stand firm in our belief and respect those who disagree.

Again, because of our selective breeding with our canine GENTLEMEN, we can produce every color available in the breed of Standard Poodles. This list includes white Standard Poodles, cream Standard Poodles, apricot Standard Poodles, and the red Standard Poodle. We offer the striking colors of jet black Standard Poodles, blue Standard Poodles, grey Standard Poodles, and silver Standard Poodles. In the brown family, we have true deep brown Standard Poodles (some call it chocolate) as well as the café au lait Standard Poodles and the gorgeous silver beige Standard Poodles.

We have added, (in 2009) after lots of research and prayer, the ability to produce the very controversial colors of phantom Standard Poodles and parti Standard Poodles.  We are concentrating on the diversity of these colors by crossing our solid color GENTLEMEN with our parti and phantom LADIES. In the selection of our Standard Poodle GENTLEMEN of the color variety, we are striving to improve, on the already strong health and conformation. Although these colors are permitted registration with the American Kennel Club, we hope someday these colors will be accepted on a higher level with AKC, by allowing the color variety in the show ring, just as in the cocker spaniels and other breeds of color are shown in the ring.  There are some breeders who PROFOUNDLY disapprove of any Standard Poodle with any color other than a solid color. It is a historical fact that the first 3 colors of the Standard Poodle were black, white and black & white combination, (parti color).  A self-portrait of Rembrandt shows him with his parti colored poodle, in 1631! To read more about the origin of these poodles of color please click here. 

Here at Family Affair we will continue to learn and grow. We make it our mission to make this a wonderful place to adopt your next family member, an amazing Standard Poodle puppy from FAMILY AFFAIR.