LUKE – Sonrise Acres Barbe Blanc Lucas

Date of Birth: 5-14-08
Date of Death: 2-13-16
Hi Wendy,
He was a wonderful dog, companion and family member.  He was not a prim, proper Standard, but a non-coordinated, clumsy large wrecking fur ball that made us laugh constantly. He loved being loved, was a great hugger…not much of a kisser, but you felt very special if you got a kiss.  His head was always on your knee if you were on furniture he wasn’t allowed on.  He had his own sofa in the sunroom and would just stand and look at our guest if they sat in his spot.  We have a hill in our backyard that he loved to sit on and be in control of the neighborhood.  He could see the front sidewalk from the hill.  We will never forget him and thank God for the time we had with him.  I’ve managed to go from crying to smiling when I think of him through my grieving process.  We know that we will eventually want to look into the sincere, loving eyes of another Standard Poodle.  Thank you for your part in bringing Lukie to us.
JoAnn Rostek (Davis)